Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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DNC Looks to Partner With Black Bloggers At Midterms, Beyond

In an effort to further spur outreach efforts to African Americns in time for the November mid-terms, Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine held an on-the-record meeting with some of the nation's most influential members of the black blogosphere.

Two Black Mayors Vie to Host DNC 2012

In the running for the 2010 Democratic National Convention are Charlotte, Cleveland, Minneapolis, and St. Louis.

GOP Fundraising Numbers Not Looking Good

Reports recently filed with the Federal Election Commission show some real money problems ahead for the Republican National Committee – especially as it heads into the Congressional mid-term cycle. Despite strong showings in polls, the RNC is spending more money than it is raising – twice as much in July alone.

The Real El Chupa Nibre

The obvious angle to Arizona’s freshly baked Senate Bill 1070 is the racial subtext.  Folks are eager to spin the race card - understandably...