Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Mitt Romney: Racial Folk Hero

Guess who really got clowned at the NAACP convention this week

What Does Deval Patrick Think of Homeboy Mitt Romney

You’d think former Governor Mitt Romney would get a little love from his former state of Massachusetts.  But, it sounds like he has a...

Redistricting’s Latest Victim: Barney Frank

Conversation about the impact of redistricting and how it all shakes out in 2012 typically centers in on states in the South and West. ...

National Urban League Conference Will Make Boston Epicenter for Jobs

“During one critical and dynamic week in July, Boston will make history.”  Darnell Williams, President and CEO, Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts From July 27-30...

Newton, MA Mayor Setti Warren to Challenge Sen. Scott Brown in...

Freshman U.S. Senator Scott Brown, a Republican, already has some noted competition in Massachusetts lining up to take his spot in office next year. One of the candidates, Setti Warren, the mayor of Newton, has added his name to the hat.

Deval Patrick Gives Us “A Reason To Believe”

When you’re living in a tenement in an urban ghetto, it’s hard to imagine you’ll ever meet a governor let alone serve as the highest ranking official in the state that gave us The Kennedy Clan, but that is just what happened to Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick Encourages Entrepreneurship Investment In Trade Mission

While in Israel, the governor will meet with a wide range of business and political leaders, including Israel’s president Shimon Peres.

Patrick Win in MA, and Carroll Win in FL Makes History

Hidden below the headlines of raging red and fading blue Tuesday night was a bit of history-making in the Black political world.

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick Participates in Final Debate Ahead of Election

With a week left before Election Day, the state of Massachusetts could possibly send its African-American governor back to the statehouse for another four-year term.

Deval Patrick’s Lead Widens In Massachusetts Gov. Race

Incumbent Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick (D) maintains a slim lead over Republican challenger Charles Baker, 43% to 39 percent.