Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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Don’t Leave Latinos on a Frozen Planet

Whether it's investments or austerity it has to be an economic recovery that won't leave Hispanics behind

Trayvon Martin and 7 Black Men Who Should Be Alive Today

The combined jail time after seven incidents where Black men were shot? Seven dead = just 23 months

Playing Hunger Games With Women’s Rights

Opposition to help for domestic violence victims and prenatal screening is not an ideal next four years

A Puerto Rico Primary Worth Looking Into

An 83% win for Mitt Romney doesn't mean he is "the Latino candidate"

If Iran Builds Missiles in Our Backyard, Do We Build a...

Iran is building missiles in South America while Republicans are focused on illegal immigrants

How Not to Woo Puerto Ricans

With the Puerto Rico primary days away, Republicans offer a crucial lesson in bad outreach

T.I., Blacks and Gay Rights

Apparently everyone’s favorite King of the South, T.I. is not as sensitive to gay rights as some columnists would like. Fresh out of his latest...

End of NBA Lockout Makes Obama Irrelevant

Whenever a plane lands there’s always one thing that everyone on the flight does nowadays – check their cell phones. Ringtones, bells and the...

NBA/NBPA Meet, But Little Optimism

This week was supposed to be the NBA’s opening week.  When we should be watching the biggest stars in the game on the hard...

“We’re Playing … [No] Basketball”

With NBA and NBPA lunching on the fans with neither side willing to give, we might need ESPN to up its game on Classic programming.