Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Wal-Mart and Others Answer the Challenge of Food Insecurity in African...

According to Feeding America African American households are more than twice as likely to be food insecure as white, non-Hispanic households.  More than one...

Are Americans Ready for Broadband Deployment?

The United States Department of Agriculture recently reported on the status of stimulus spending, including spending done to deploy broadband services to rural America.

BREAKING NEWS: Sherrod Declines Offer to Return to USDA

Standing alongside Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack during a Tuesday morning press conference, Shirley Sherrod, the former U.S. Department of Agriculture official turned cause celebre' who was mistakenly forced to resign last month, rejected an offer to return to as the agency’s Deputy Director of Advocacy and Outreach. The offer and other issues were discussed during a 90-minute meeting between Secretary Vilsack and Sherrod earlier that day.