Saturday, April 21, 2018
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Progressive Ideals Out of Touch with Needs of Minority Communities?

If progressives ever had as a goal the expansion of broadband to minorities, that goal must have fallen off the agenda.  Just as the...

Democracy, Hypocrisy and a Broken Project Glass

The conclusion about both parties? There is hypocrisy in the democracy of the United States

Mr. Cain Goes to Washington

Political - but not the typical politician. Cain's presence in the race versus the typical political candidate is a testament to the present mood of the country.

Baking Away an Opportunity

A conservative past has put young Republicans in the oven, but hopefully the missed opportunity gives them a little something to chew on.

California to Include Gay History in Social Studies Curriculum

Students in California classrooms are poised to be among the first in the nation to learn about the contributions of gay Americans. The social studies curriculum will soon be updated and will include information about popular LGBT leaders and events.

Atlanta Mayor Gears Up for Second ‘Meet the Press’ Show Appearance

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed will make an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press” this weekend, his second time in 2011 to grace the Washington...

Voter Buy-In Dictates Candidate Success Rates

Given recent trends, voter apathy and lack of participation by the African American electorate can be attributed to lackluster investments by political leaders of positive energy into the black community.

Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies: African American Voters are...

In a competitive district, when a strong street plan is developed and executed to turn African American votes, Democrats do well.

All in Moderation?

But, did the center really show that much clout or was it simply a matter of party wings – both left and right – going through a readjustment phase? The left is still angry; the right is still stubborn. And neither party seems able to control their hardcore ideological wings.

Black Anchor Leaves Job to Run for Lt. Governor of Minnesota

Robyne Robinson can add politician to her résumé. The popular, veteran broadcast news journalist left her anchor's post at Minneapolis' Fox 9  last Wednesday to...