Friday, April 20, 2018
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Information Technology Industry Faces Regulatory Crosswinds

Americans are counting down to fiscal Armageddon with four days left before tax increases and government spending cuts kick in and our $16.4 trillion...

2013: The Apocalypse of the Financial Markets

With multi-month highs, and in some cases multi-year highs, hitting stock markets around the world, it’s hard to believe that some of the Earth’s...

Republicans Continue to Dis Mother Nature

Did Mother Nature do something to tick off Republicans or what?

GOP: Geographically Optimized Partisanship

Where Members of Congress hail might say a great bit about how they would vote or what stand they would take. A quick examination of the 60 official Members of the Tea Party Congress clears that up: most on that list proudly buck from very rural and exurban states

The Debt-Ceiling Deal …Messy, Messy

Attempts at compromise and wrapping-it-up were met with eager dysfunction as House Republicans rejected tax increases as a condition of revenue generation for the painful cuts put on the table and Democrats were fuming.

Raising Social Security Age Would Shortchange Black Men

Black males would lose out in Senator Tom Colburn’s plan to gradually lift the age people can receive Social Security benefits to 70 years...

Obama Faces Challenge of Crafting New Pitch As Tough Election Looms

As President Barack Obama prepares for reelection, the question within political circles is what campaign message can overcome the dreary jobs picture? There is no...

Obama Administration to Push “Sun Shot” Energy Initiative

The Obama Administration will have to embark on an effective sales job to convince Americans that any additional investment in alternative energy will be necessary for the nation’s general welfare.

Black Mayors Support Continued Implementation of Affordable Care Act

The National Conference of Black Mayors supports the continuation of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and opposes H.R.2 which calls for the Act to be overturned.

Congress Leaves Millions in the Cold with Expiration of Unemployment Benefits

This week marks the fourth time this year that Congress and the White House have allowed unemployment benefits to expire while the jobless rate still hovers around 10%.