Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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Proposed Florida Veterans Hall of Fame Lacks Racial and Gender Diversity

The State of Florida has taken the admirable step of creating a Veterans Hall of Fame, but early recommendations omit women and people of color from the list of honorees.

Haley Barbour’s Southern Political Tap Dance

Giving signals of a run for President in 2012, Republican Governor Haley Barbour of Mississippi appears engaged in his own racial tap dance of monumental proportions.

Southern Lawmakers Having Secession Flashbacks

Concerns over “secession” talk are justified considering the history behind the most deadly war ever fought by Americans and on American soil. Not to say we’ll be witnessing any type of domestic armed insurgency any time soon, but it’s worrisome to hear elected officials toy with volatile political language during times of economic downturn. It’s interesting that no one has called for an investigation into Rep. Wamp’s (R-TN) comments, considering he’s taken an oath – as a federal officeholder – “ … to protect and defend the Constitution.” Should Wamp give up his seat?