Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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Troubled Cities Get Support from ‘Strong Cities, Strong Communities’

This week, the Obama administration renewed its commitment to the economic viability of the nation’s cities and local regions with the launch of the Strong...

Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx Makes Progress on DNC Committee Preparations

Officials in Charlotte, North Carolina are wasting no time in preparing for the Democratic National Convention, a gathering that will be the city’s most visible political event in its history.

When A City Is No Longer Dark Chocolate, Are Its Politicians?

The 2000 Census has confirmed what anyone walking in urban neighborhoods already knew, black folks are leaving the cities in droves. They are leaving for the suburbs where public schools are better and square footage cheaper.

Taking Account of America’s Ten Most Segregated Cities

On Tuesday, Daniel Denvir reporting for Salon Magazine identified America’s ten most segregated cities.

Columbus Adds Residents Despite Population Losses In Other Major Ohio Cities

The results are in from the latest census and some interesting things have shaped up in Ohio. The state’s capital, Columbus, recently broke a population record for the city while bucking a disappointing trend in other major cities in the state.

The NAACP Youth & College Division: Celebrating 75 Years of Youth...

Today, the NAACP Youth & College Division celebrates our 75 years of youth leadership with a renewed spirit of activism and dedication to social justice.

Charlotte Mayor Appoints Former Mayor for Convention Study

Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx has decidedly tapped one of his predecessors to help with a major task in his administration, hosting the Democratic National Convention.

Clevelanders Show Their Confidence In Rep. Marcia Fudge’s Leadership Skills

Rep. Marcia Fudge is hard-working and committed to her constituents, and has advanced from one leadership position to another in the Cleveland area.

OH Black Caucus Still Cautious About Kasich’s Cabinet Appointment

Ohio Legislative Black Caucus Chair Rep. Sandra Williams (D-Cleveland) believes Colbert’s selection “… is a step in the right direction.”

Make it Charlotte

It should come as little surprise that the Democratic National Committee announced Charlotte, North Carolina as the site of its 2012 nominating convention.