Monday, April 23, 2018
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Chris Christie to Nets: “Don’t Let the Door Hit You”

New Jersey's abrasive Governor gives the sports team break-up a whole new name and narrative

Why Gas Prices Really Don’t Matter

Memo to Democrats and Obama: you need not worry about gas prices killing your White House re-election chances

Marcy Kaptur Pulls a LeBron on Dennis Kucinich

A Rust Belt face-off paints the Anti-War icon in the same vein as Lebron James

Cleveland Mayor Gambles a Game Change

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson thinks he can change the city's schools

Beatty’s Green Light from Buckeye State’s Black Caucus

Beatty gets a head nod from Ohio's Black power elite

East Cleveland Hits an Alarming “Fiscal Caution” Status

It’s the last thing East Cleveland needs. The State of Ohio delivered a sobering blow to the beleaguered city recently when they declared it...

Quick and Dirty in Ohio: Nina Turner Drops Congressional Bid

Just a few weeks ago it all seemed so exciting and simple. Marcia Fudge, Congresswoman from Ohio’s 11th district was facing a tough challenger in the form...

Columbus Mayor Puts Cash Behind City Pitch

Let local officials tell it and Columbus, Ohio is a prime destination for tourists and business travelers. So, the state capital’s mayor is putting...

WARNING: City of Cleveland Heights Will Take Your Obese Kid!

Put those chips down! Apparently, the laws on snacks are getting a bit more harsh in the Buckeye State of Ohio based on a...

CBC Shake-Up: Nina Turner Challenges Marcia Fudge in OH

It was all supposed to be so simple for Ohio Democrats heading into the 2012 presidential election. Fresh off the defeat of anti-collective bargaining...