Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Let’s Incentivize An All-Inclusive Consumer Approach to Solar

Donald Trump’s meeting recently with Silicon Valley’s tech royalty should give investors an idea about which sectors of the economy will be receiving some...

Kirk as CASEnergy Co-Chair Reflects Inclusivity, Opportunities of Nuclear Sector

CASEnergy Coalition tapped former U.S .Trade Ambassador and one-time Mayor of Dallas, Texas Ron Kirk to Co-Chair the effort alongside former EPA Administrator, Christine Todd Whitman. Kirk, who is no stranger to innovative sustainability planning and job creation plans to “highlight the economic value of investing in nuclear energy” while in his new role.

GE to Purchase 2,000 Hybrids From Ford

GE announced that as part of an effort to convert half of its global fleet to alternative fuels, the technology solutions company will purchase...

New Poll: Latinos Overwhelmingly Support Clean Energy

This week a new poll was released that pretty much confirms the findings of other recent polling about Latinos and the environment. In essence,...

Florida Statutes Encourage the Nuclear Option

States are looking to the nuclear sector to help spur economic opportunity and increased energy efficiency

30,000 New Nuclear Jobs on Georgia’s Mind

Waynesboro, Georgia's unemployment is 9.7%, relief on the way... maybe.

Hope & Change are Real – I’ve Seen It

Fast-forward four years later, and many young people and black people have started to wonder if President Obama will keep true to candidate Obama promises and rhetoric.

CANDIDATE365: Hector Balderas’ Senate Bid in New Mexico

(Special to Politic365 from Daily Grito)  Recently, the Daily Grito had the opportunity to speak with New Mexico State Auditor Hector Balderas about his candidacy for the U.S....

President Obama Hosts First-Ever ‘Twitter Town Hall’

Social media’s influence in the White House broadened on Wednesday as President Obama accomplished a first for a sitting chief executive. He hosted a ‘Twitter Town Hall’ event via web stream and sent a live tweet himself to start it off.

National Action Network Hosts President Obama as Its Gala’s Keynote Speaker

The National Action Network (NAN) welcomed the president as their keynote speaker for the annual gala, speaking to a group of over 1,200 people who are committed to solving community problems.