Saturday, April 21, 2018
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Running Against the Grain: Evan Falchuk, Independent Candidate for Governor of...

Evan Falchuk is a Massachusetts resident who believes voters, regardless of party, shouldn’t have to settle for “good enough.” The 44-year-old business executive, fluent...

Hot Topic at Urban League Conference: The State of Urban Education

On Saturday, the last day of the National Urban League Conference in New Orleans, what some have called the "civil rights issue of our era"...

Oprah, Reagan and Mitt Romney’s Views on Education

Asked nearly half a dozen times whether or not he would overturn President Obama’s decision to stop deporting undocumented youth, affording them the opportunity...

America’s Got Talent – But, No Educational Opportunities

Many struggling Americans, especially people of color, are faced with the systematic theft of a good education

When Black Politicians Stand Up For Our Kids

In Connecticut, Black legislators stand up for education reform. We need more like them

Cleveland Mayor Gambles a Game Change

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson thinks he can change the city's schools

We Should Not “Slow Down” School Reform

by Michelle Rhee and George Parker We hear it often. ‘Slow down. You’re moving too fast. It’s too much too soon.’ Those of us involved...

New Orleans’ Charter School Experiement

In order to regain footing, New Orleans will need to make an extraordinary effort towards rebuilding its infrastructure, with much emphasis placed on a fledgling public school system.

NOLA Charter School Shackles and Cuffs First Grader

The Louisiana Recovery School District was recently sued after a six year old child was handcuffed and shackled in an elementary school.

Education Nation Continues

The conversation around education in America continues today during NBC News' Education Nation.