Saturday, March 24, 2018
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Debating Obama: Why the Media Hyperventilates Over Every Misstep

Ever since last week’s poor debate performance, Democratic partisans have been in “agony,” nervous angry and despondent over Barack Obama’s chances. They believe that...

President Obama Doesn’t Want to Be Apollo Creed

In the movie, Rocky II, the character Apollo Creed got a rematch with the character Rocky Balboa for the heavyweight championship of the world....

Politic365 Announces Launch of #VoiceYourVote

A Civic Engagement Movement for Millennial Voters...

Lisa Howze Is Pressed to Be Detroit’s Next Mayor

State Rep. Lisa Howze just can't wait to be Mayor of a city in crisis

Obama on Super PACs: Why Should White Guys Have All the...

Is this really a pragmatic response to the political arms race?

Let Herman Be Gone

Responding to his insurgent campaign's first crisis, Herman Cain was upbeat and defiant.

Perry, Romney camps flatly deny pushing Cain allegations

The presidential campaigns of Mitt Romney and Rick Perry on Monday flatly denied any involvement in pushing the story of sexual allegations against rival Herman Cain.

Big Cash Powers Obama Drive In ’12

Since the beginning of the year, Mr. Obama and the Democratic National Committee have spent close to $87 million in operating costs.

Obama Bus Tour Rides Rough Political Terrain In N.C.

President Obama begins a campaign-style bus tour Monday in North Carolina and Virginia to try to drum up support for his jobs bill and his re-election campaign.

Cain’s Communications Chief Jumps Ship

The communications director for Herman Cain's presidential campaign has resigned, CNN has learned. Ellen Carmichael told CNN on Saturday her decision is firm but not yet finalized.