Tuesday, March 20, 2018
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Hey! Everybody Loves Charlie

Make it about the district and not the Everybody Loves (name here) guy or gal you’re trying to unseat

How New York Nets Became New York “N****s”

Still waiting on an apology from the NY Post's Phil Mushnick over "Brooklyn N****s" - but, it is the NY Post.

Robert Cornegy: The Next of Brooklyn’s Finest?

It was the folks at PolitickerNY who first broke the story that longtime New York state Assemblywoman Annette Robinson was about ready to call...

Bombastic Barron’s Quest for Ed Towns’ Seat

by Nayaba Arinde, Amadi Ajamu in The Amsterdam News "We are 99 percent of the 99 percent," said Councilman Charles Barron as he announced his...

GOP Wins Stunning Victory in New York House Race

Despite last minute robocalls from former President Bill Clinton and urgent emails from President Barack Obama, Republicans won a key victory Tuesday in a...

Weiner To Call It Quits — Pressure Too Great

CNN, the New York Times and other news bureaus reported today that U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner, embroiled in an escalating scandal involving sexual messages and photos, intends to resign from Congress.

A Change of Heart By Three Democrats Means Gay Marriage Could...

New York could soon become the sixth and most populous state to pass a law allowing same-sex marriage if the state Senate breaks its...

Congressman Edolphus Towns Comments on Reality of Church and State

Congressman Towns, a Democrat, is serving his 15th term in the House of Representatives, representing Brooklyn, N.Y. He is also an ordained Baptist minister.

Rep. Yvette Clarke Participates in Immigration Forum for the African Diaspora

Earlier this month, Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-N.Y.) participated in a forum titled “Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Bridging the Gap between African Americans and Immigrants of the African Diaspora” in Washington, D.C.

Trend Among Black Voters: Go With What You Know

In the world of African American politics, many Black voters are "going with what they know" in the selection of elected representatives.