Monday, January 22, 2018
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Sept. 8: UVA President to Attend Capitol Hill Forum on Racial...

Friday, September 8 at 10am in room 2203 Rayburn House Office Building. House Education and the Workforce Committee ranking member Bobby Scott (D-Va.) and House...

Black Caucus Members Push Hard on Tech Diversity

CBC Laser Focused on Tech Hiring. Last year Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. waged a widely publicized push to expose the number of minorities employees...

Rep. Scott: SCOTUS Made a Healthy Decision On Obamacare

By Rep. Robert C. "Bobby" Scott (D-VA) For too long, our health care system left millions of Americans out in the cold. Many people didn't...

Unified, Black Greeks Step Into PAC Game

Unity9PAC, a divine nine joint, prepares to launch in April

Obama Drug Czar Briefs on Crime Policy

The Drug Czar is one piece in a multi-faceted policy puzzle regarding federal crime policy. Many above him with larger bullhorns and bully pulpits...

Despite Administration Push, CBC Says No to Debt Deal

There are 41 black members of Congress who voted on the debt ceiling deal. Twenty-seven of them voted against it.

Unemployment Funding Bill Raises Red Flags

The Congressional Black Caucus chairman, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Missouri, said Camp “is attempting to strip unemployment benefits, thereby denying millions of Americans the ability to make ends meet.”

Redistricting and the Black Caucus

In less than a month we will have a clearer picture of how redistricting will effect the districts of the current 44 black members of the Black Caucus.

CBC Attempts to Find Voice, Footing in Budget Wars

Political tensions on Capitol Hill are as hot as an Egyptian street fight with Democrats and Republicans poised for a bloody face-off over the nation’s finances.

CBC to Reintroduce Unemployment Benefits Extension Bill

With unemployment for African Americans officially at 17%. the Congressional Black Caucus is expected to focus primarily on jobs during the 112th Congress.