Thursday, February 22, 2018
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The Cocooned Public Square

Cultural shifts and potential gentrification of Internet space is certain to create eruptions on the political landscape while, ultimately, shaping public policy. In the real world, “White Flight” in reverse not only represents a dramatic change in the complexion of cities once predominantly Black (such as Washington, D.C. and Atlanta), but it also alters the political power structure in those centers.

Uh-oh, The Neighborhood has Changed.

Overall, we believe in the Internet as safe – like unknowing Descartesian disciples we appreciate the infinite scale of it, yet dismiss the reality of its void. We forget that it is unpredictable, inclined to think we can control it. This, unwittingly, leads to utopian dreams of all things being equal on the web. But, some of the most ugly, raw and destructive characteristics of human thought and action are found in full force throughout cyberspace, an abyss of epithets, slander, sexual brutality and terrorist organizers. Alice jumped in Wonderland, but stumbled upon Dante’s Inferno burning her feet into crusted stumps.

Program for Black Kids Called Discrimination

An elementary school program focused on raising the test scores of black children in Michigan was "well-intentioned," but illegal, administrators said. The "Lunch Bunch" was...