Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Askia Muhammad: LGBT=Sí; Afro=NO

By Askia Muhammad Can there be any doubt about the duplicity of White America after the final decisions in the Supreme Court’s 2013 term were...

Black, Gay, and the Struggle with Marriage Equality

I often find myself pondering whether the LGBT movement is becoming one based on entitlement and privilege.

Why is the Black Community Still Contracting HIV?

by Cleo Manago, CEO of AmASSI Centers for Wellness, Education and Culture (AmSSI) and the Black Men's Exchange (BMX) Alarmed, in my own way in...

What Immigrant Rights Advocates Can Learn from the LGB’t’ Movement

Special to Politic365 from David Jacobsen for DailyGrito Maybe it's time. Finally. Every forty years or so, people want change.  Some are reconsidering the mid-points of...

Push Continues for Marriage Equality in Colorado

New York's passage of marriage equality legislation in June has been an inspiration to state lawmakers in other parts of the country. Enthusiasm is growing...

Obama Says “Bullying is Not a Rite of Passage”

Today the Obama Administration demonstrated its commitment to ensuring no more lives are needlessly lost by hosting a White House Conference on Bullying Prevention.