Thursday, April 26, 2018
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LeBron, Kobe, Melo and Griffin the Best Ranking of NBA Christmas...

It’s Christmas morning and no matter who you are, or what your financial or familial status, you have some Christmas traditions buried in your...

When Black People Don’t Play Baseball

When only 8% of professional baseball players are Black, that's not just a problem for baseball

The NBA’s First Post-Lockout Scandal

An unusually high rate of post-season injuries could mean low ratings and heavy losses for the league

LeBron and D-Wade: It’s Superman and Batman Time

Stop saying Lebron and D-Wade are Batman and Robin. Leave comic book comparisons to the experts

Gutierrez on Anti-Immigrant March Madness

The Chicago Congressman lashes out at anti-Latino rhetoric seeping into college sports

NCAA March Racist Madness?

Five Univ. of Southern Miss students suffer an incredibly expensive "teachable moment"

To Go to the White House Or Not

When the NBA announced the schedule for its new 66-game shortened season, the schedule-makers overlooked one thing—they forgot to schedule the NBA World Champion...

Should the NBA Push Back Its Start Date?

On Christmas, the NBA treated its fans to a full 13 hours of basketball with most of its marquee teams in action.  Excitement for...

What Makes Voter ID Different From Any Other ID?

by Raynard Jackson How many of you fly on airplanes or frequent government buildings?  If you do, you know you must show some type of...

This One is a Lot Worse Than “Nappy Headed Hoes”

Remember a few years ago when Don Imus got in trouble for referring to the Rutgers women's basketball team as a bunch of “nappy...