Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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McAllister’s Saturday Remix, 11.19.11

Politic365 Contributor Lenny McAllister sounds off on the issues of the week, with a focus on health care reform and the impending Supreme Court review.

Who Owns the Debt Deadline?

It’s the deadline most folks would rather forget about: November 23rd.  Congress seemed to find itself in a comfortable pause, fumbling around for a...

“Racism” in Silicon Valley? Probably. But, does it matter?

There’s been some brouhaha over venture capitalist and TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington’s comments on CNN’s Black In America for some time now. At a recent screening...

SCOTUS Healthcare Review is Bush v. Gore Redux

Progressives that have been stewing since the “stolen election” of 2000 may finally get to see the Supreme Court tilt a presidential election their way in...

New Medicines May Pose Risks to Minority Populations

Many clinical trials in the United States significantly under represent racial and ethnic monitories, which ultimately leads to indiscriminate care in these populations.