Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Secretary of Education Arne Duncan Will Step Down in December

As reported by Associated Press, Education Secretary Arne Duncan, 50, will be leaving the position in December.  He is the second longest-serving cabinet member...

CBC: Continuing the Legacy of Advocacy and Change

“The CBC was formed in 1971 because its founders understood that Black lives matter.  Black boys matter.  Black girls matter.  The Black family matters. ...

Oprah, Reagan and Mitt Romney’s Views on Education

Asked nearly half a dozen times whether or not he would overturn President Obama’s decision to stop deporting undocumented youth, affording them the opportunity...

Could North Carolina Amendment One Have It Both Ways?

In the fight for gay marriage, the institution of historical marriage is getting left by the wayside

Bad Inner City Schools: Tell Us What We Don’t Know

A new study sheds light on lots of what we know, but nothing on what we can do about it

“Gainful Employment” Rule Threatens Black, Hispanic Matriculation

Every year, millions of African American and Hispanic students enroll in career colleges - for-profit institutions of higher learning like the University of Phoenix...

Congress Got You Down? President Executizes It

Facing next to no movement in Congress, President simply end runs initiatives through Executive Order.

Attorney General Holder to Meet with CBC Wednesday

There's lots to talk about. Many members of the CBC have expressed concern on issues regarding new voter ID laws and the redistricting process.

South Korea, Too Many College Grads, Too Few Jobs

Americans who deem South Korea’s education system a model (President Obama, among others) might be surprised at one message leaders here are delivering to their youth: Drop out, please.

White House Commemorates America’s HBCUs

President Barack Obama has declared this National Historically Black Colleges and Universities Week to recognize the significance of HBCUs and to honor the contributions...