Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Immigration Crackdowns Credited for Record Drop in Hispanic Teen Pregnancy

A new report states that the economy and immigration crackdowns are credited for a significant drop in teen pregnancies among nearly all US States.   This week...

Time to Stop Inaccurate, Discriminatory Voter Purges

By Katherine Culliton-González, Director of Voter Protection at The Advancement Project States across the country are attempting to purge voter rolls of alleged noncitizens in an alarming escalation...

Arkansas Case Raises Old Issues Regarding Forced Integration

The Arkansas education system finds itself again at the center of debate. The state, led by Democrat Governor Mike Beebe, desires to end its five decades long desegregation program.

First Family to Tour Alabama Tornado Damage This Morning

Wednesday’s tornado outbreak was the deadliest since 310 people were killed on April 3, 1974.

Florida Poll Shows Obama Losing to GOP Candidates if Election Held...

A new poll predicts trouble ahead for President Barack Obama in Florida, a state he carried in the 2008 election.

Early Voting Ramps Up With Midterms Around The Corner

More than half the US is already engaged in early voting leading up to the November 2nd elections.

Princella Smith Selected As Delegate to Turkey

Princella Smith, the GOP newcomer who fell to Rick Crawford in her bid for a congressional seat representing Arkansas, will be off on a...

All in Moderation?

But, did the center really show that much clout or was it simply a matter of party wings – both left and right – going through a readjustment phase? The left is still angry; the right is still stubborn. And neither party seems able to control their hardcore ideological wings.

Study Says Blacks Illegally Excluded From Juries in Southern States

A study released this month uncovered "shocking present-day evidence of racial discrimination," according to an Equal Justice Initiative press release. EJI, non-profit law organization based...

Rage Against the Machine

Political hacks, cats and assorted lords of the polemic chattering class wished hard for an intense electoral drama worthy of an HBO movie plot and were all too pleased. “Mini Super Tuesday,” unveiled by observers like the latest craze at a car show, did not disappoint with its brimful of full throttle primary rage and potent predictions well into November.