Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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NAACPConnect.org to Drive Youth Civic Engagement Online and Offline

With an ambitious eye towards greater social media, the NAACP plans to meet its youth members where many young people across the nation are...

Lenny’s Saturday Remix, 11.12.11

Politic365 contributor Lenny McAllister sounds off every Saturday at Noon with his exclusive take on the world of politics. This week: Discussing the latest brain...

A Pound of Hubris When An Ounce of Humility Would Do

A cautionary tale for Black conservatives: even if the allegations are not true (a big “if” to some at this point), Herman Cain’s responses...

Romney’s Rejection of Choice is Sexual Harassment, too

There is no question that Romney’s support of policies that coerce women into life-threatening situations is harassment.

If Cain’s Accusers are Black, He’ll Be All Good

There's a sneaky suspicion that Herman Cain's accusers are Black women - which means he could be blazing back up on the polls in no time.

What If Weiner Were Black?

Sources today said embattled Congressman Anthony Weiner would resign after admitting he sent racy photos and text messages to multiple women and then lying...

Biden Challenges Men To Stand Up for Victims; Too Bad He...

Biden’s conduct in a Senate Judiciary Committee inquiry into conduct by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas remains a disappointment because he played a role in minimizing the experiences of distinguished professional black women, who complained about sexual harassment.

The Embarrassing Saga of Clarence Thomas

The unfortunate aspect of the latest string of allegations against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is that he’s the only African American Supreme Court Justice.

Anita Hill, Good Morning, It’s Ginni Thomas

Though dead, yet does the controversy surrounding the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings live, at least in the mind of the head of the conservative Liberty Central lobby, Mrs. Clarence Thomas.