Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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Is Nuclear the Answer to Gas and Jobs Problems?

Nuclear jobs can’t be outsourced, so what's the hold up?

Intel and White House Launch Veteran’s Employment Training Program

An initiative formed to train some of the 39,000 veterans returning to the United States from Iraq and Afghanistan by the end of the year.

Do Federal Job Plans Work for African Americans?

African Americans saw just a little improvement in the economy as their unemployment rate ticked down from 16.0% in September to 15.1% in October...

White House Cheerleaders Big Up Jobs Act

The Obama Administration is putting on its Jobs Act show, sharply contrasting itself against Republicans.

Poll: Cain Ahead Double-digits; Americans Doubting 9-9-9, Jobs Act and Tea...

In the weekly YouGov poll released to, recent numbers still cause prognosticators and longtime observers to scratch their heads over what exactly is feeding the Herman...

Democrats Press GOP on Jobs Action … Or Else

It's a matter of whether or not the President's party can develop the spin needed to campaign tough on the economy.

President Cuts His Jobs Plan into Edible Pieces

Signaling the need for a legislative course correction, White House officials plan to push their jobs bill … by breaking it up into individual pieces.

“Mom and Pops” Won’t Be Hiring Anytime Soon

With a stalemate in Congress, and the President on the campaign trail, lack of action from Washington may just be what small business owners are looking for.

Democrats Dense on Small Business

Why do Democrats have such a hard time understanding what drives a small business to hire and grow? Maybe it's because too few of them owned a business.

This is Why We’re Occupying Wall Street

Folks say Obama punts on first down and can't negotiate. But, when your team has the backbone of a jellyfish it’s hard to stare across the field and talk smack.