Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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Senate GOP Leaders May Entice Conservative Senate Dems

Looking to close the slim 53 Democrat to 47 GOP Member gap in the upper chamber, there are reports of Republican leadership quietly approaching conservative Democrats from openly “red” states about party switching.

2012 Projections Already Underway

With the dust barely settled from midterm elections, a recent polls finds the GOP lining up potential opposition to President Barack Obama’s re-election bid in two years.

A Look At the Landscape As Midterms Loom Large

With midterms less than twenty-four hours away, Politic365.com takes a look at key races and the candidates to beat.

Clinton Obama’s Running Mate in 2012? Not A Bad Bet

With the 2010 Presidential election in sight, questions abound as to whether Hillary Clinton will be tapped as Obama's running mate.

Speculation Growing: White House Press Secretary Could Be Next DNC Chair

Twitter feeds and blogger exposés are feeding an inside-the-Beltway media frenzy over the future of Robert Gibbs, the revered and, sometimes, reviled White House press secretary.

Wilder’s Wild Pitch for Hillary Clinton

It’s not the best sign, politically, when a prominent Democratic pol starts recommending changes to the incumbent President’s re-election bid. Former Virginia Governor L. Douglas Wilder, the first African American elected as governor of a state, did just that. Making the case for Clinton, the former Governor and former Mayor of Richmond doesn’t hide a rather open distaste for the “gaffe prone” Vice-President. As far as Wilder is concerned, it’s time to let Joe go.