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Parents and Children Being Thrown Off The Immigrant Rights Cliff

Once again, advocates, activists, and immigrants themselves are being told to wait for action on immigration reform because making sure that the country doesn’t...

Photos: Obama White House July 4 Celebrations

Today the President and the first lady are hosting a picnic for members of the military and their families.  Here are a few images...

Retroactivity: Supreme Court Rules on Crack Cocaine Sentences

SCOTUS applies some fairness to crack and powder cocaine sentencing

New Map is “Fair” – But, What Happens to Charlie Rangel?

A new congressional map puts tensions to rest, but where will that leave Harlem's Black political machine?

Romney’s Real Slim Shady

A week might be a long time in politics, but it just got shorter when you sample Eminem into Mitt Romney's gaffes

GOP Pres. Candidates and Their Supporters, Who Owns Who?

Of the major candidates for the GOP Presidential nomination which one is more likely to be owned by big money and corporations? A major piece of the Presidential campaign is the role that corporations will play in the next year's general election for the nation’s top job.

All About Christie

Talk of Christie has gone off and on for months since the 2010 elections, with some Republican party-goers pressed to get the first-term Garden State Governor into the Presidential election fray.

Make it Charlotte

It should come as little surprise that the Democratic National Committee announced Charlotte, North Carolina as the site of its 2012 nominating convention.

Is it Really That Bad for Senate Democrats in 2012?

The left side of the aisle is now faced with the prospect of dim hopes in 2012 as a sudden spit of retirements puts the Senate in serious play next cycle.

Big and Bloody Political Map Game Ahead in 2011

As 2010 comes to a close and 2011 opens a new legislative year, politicos at all levels are preparing for redistricting that reflect the latest population shifts from the 2010 Census.