Sunday, April 22, 2018
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GOP Splits Exacerbated by CPAC

The unwillingness of tea party-driven freshmen to compromise is gradually forcing Boehner’s hand and his famous ability to deal.

Black Mayors Support Continued Implementation of Affordable Care Act

The National Conference of Black Mayors supports the continuation of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and opposes H.R.2 which calls for the Act to be overturned.

Rangel’s Plan for Saving the Economy, He’s Not Going Anywhere

In one of his first interviews for this legislative session, veteran lawmaker Charles Rangel (D-NY) spoke to Politc365 about ways to reduce the country’s $14 trillion dollar debt.

Congress is Now in Session; Let the 112th Games Begin

The first day of the 112th Congress brings with it an air of gritty tension. Each side seems poised for the impending gridlock of relentless partisanship.

What Will Happen in 2011, Politically?

Despite the typical holiday season lull that characterizes every end-of-the-year media cycle, the political chattering class always finds quite a bit to talk about.

Obama’s Lame Duck’s Big Fake

President Barack Obama’s final weeks of the 111th Session of Congress read very much like a parable out of one of ancient Chinese military genius Sun Tzu’s 36 stratagems: “Make a sound in the east, then strike in the west”