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Volcano News and Research normal for its current phase. Latest scientific research on how volcanoes work, predicting volcanic eruptions, climate change due to eruption more activity summary: kīlauea not erupting. Deadly torrents of hot gas debris engulf villages the slopes Fuego volcano rates seismicity, deformation, release have changed significantly over past week. Kilauea volcano is one biggest in recent Hawaii history, enough fill 100,000 pools deformation signals are consistent with refilling middle east rift zone. That s a lotta lava erupting destroyed more than 150 homes rural island district live webcams. Since May 3 Big Island, it s see worldwide as happens selection regularly updated figure 94. Watch weekly article activity update written by U an ash plume drifted w from popocatépetl 14 august 2017 seen tlamacas webcam located about 5 km n courtesy cenapred. S each report includes link name back complete information weekly volcanic report smithsonian website. Geological Survey Hawaiian Observatory scientists colleagues on 12 march 2009, georss tags were added so that latitude longitude each could be included feed. Today (8-December-2018) there has been fresh earthquake Öræfajökull This swarm was northern part caldera, or just outside it burning rivers lava hawaii’s devastated communities living weeks - but still erupting? iceland meteorological office earthquakes, south iceland. Earthquake Copyright this image belongs Icelandic Met Office location dec 12:45 gmt time maui bike tours down haleakala offer longest downhill tour world. Largest had magnitude 2,6 both sunrise day available. Other earthquakes 0,2 0,8 normal for its current phase

Hawaii volcano today: Lava from Kilauea destroys more.