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Katrina Anniversary: There are no words

The ten-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina is here. How the hell do I write about that? Perhaps it’s appropriate to offer a disclaimer: I don’t live in New Orleans, and I never have. I can’t speak from the perspective of an insider, and I dare not offer anything that even remotely resembles an understanding of […]

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Words vs. policy: why is Ricky Martin urging Latinos to unite against Trump?

This week singer Ricky Martin wrote an opinion piece urging Latinos “to unite against Donald Trump.” In reference to the GOP candidate throwing Univision anchor Jorge Ramos out of a press conference, Martin wrote: “I am not surprised Trump would aim so low. I am surprised that we Hispanics continue to accept these aggressions and […]

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Latino voters’ net favorability rating of Donald Trump is -51

Yesterday Gallup released a new poll that shows 65% of Latino voters have an unfavorable view of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump. 14% of Hispanic voters have a favorable view of Trump. Trump, who announced his campaign criticzing immigrants from Mexico, has doubled down on his anti-immigrant rhetoric calling for completing a border wall and […]

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Clueless Ben Carson Gives #BlackLivesMatter Advice They Don’t Need

Should we bother to take seriously someone who compares health care to slavery or thinks using drone attacks to stop illegal immigration is a good idea? Probably not.  But Dr. Ben Carson is a neurosurgeon running for President and the paradox of his candidacy is that his storied medical career is at direct odds with his lack […]

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Cop Killed 2 Unarmed Men in 4 Yrs: Autopsy Says Chapman Was Shot at Distance

Officer Stephen Rankin, a member of the Portsmouth, Virginia Police Department, had been previously suspended for over a year after shooting an unarmed man in 2011.  In April 2015, the same Portsmouth, Virginia officer,  shot and killed 18-year-old William Chapman in a supermarket parking lot.   In April 2011, Officer Rankin shot and killed Kirill Denyakin, […]