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Lorretta Johnson: Breaking Barriers and Uniting Educators

For the last 50 years, Lorretta Johnson has advocated for educators across the country. Her journey has taken her to the poorest neighborhoods in the United States, to the Rose Garden of the White House, and all around the world. Even as the American Federation of Teachers’ and the AFL-CIO’s highest-ranking woman of color, Johnson […]

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Voto Latino Innovators Challenge: the tech competition to address problems in the Latino community

Today in Washington, D.C. a group of young Latinos will present their technology related projects that address problems in the Latino community to a panel of judges. In recent years, the lack of diversity in the technology industry has been covered in the press. Major technology companies still tend to be dominated by white males. […]

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Protecting and Advancing Florida’s Position as a Technology Leader

By David Grain, Founder and Managing Partner, Grain Management, LLC In the aftermath of the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) historic vote on net neutrality, policymakers in Washington will continue to debate how to protect the openness and vitality of the transformative medium called the Internet. A broad consensus has emerged over the need for new […]

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A Black U.S. Senator from Maryland?

Sen. Edwards, Sen. Cummings, Sen. Alsobrooks, Sen. Blake or Sen. Brown? With today’s announcement from Senator Barbara Mikuski (D-MD) that she will retire in 2016, there is a wide open opportunity for a Black Democrat in a very blue state to be elected to the U.S. Senate.  In a year where Hillary Clinton is likely to […]

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Losing 2016: Republicans Change Nothing on Immigration

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said it all pretty clearly in January 2013.  Clearly some in the Republican party were not listening.  Instead, Republicans appear to be “strategizing” to make Hispanic voters a even bigger more committed voting bloc. Regarding the GOP’s Growth and Opportunity Project, an outreach effort to minorities, announced by Priebus […]