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I want LeBron to stick it to all of those racist, entitled Cleveland knuckleheads who burned his jersey
Despite Latino population gains, Texas has never had a Latina representing it in Congress
Black leaders are applying double standards and inconsistent methodologies to our issues

Desirée Rogers

Name: Desirée Rogers Title/Occupation: CEO Organization: Johnson Publishing What Makes The Person A Game Changer: Desirée Glapion Rogers is the Chief Executive Officer of Johnson Publishing Company. In November 2008 she was selected by President Barack Obama’s office as the White House...
Politic365 talks with Rep. James Clyburn about a heated primary in South Carolina
Each year, mainstream media finds a way to criminalize the Black church
In California, the Governor prepares to make deep cuts into home care
Left out of the student loan debate is the problem of minority student loan debt
With all the challenges Black folks face these days, how did gay marriage become a central issue for the NAACP?

Bob Johnson

Name: Bob Johnson Title/Occupation: Founder / Chairman Organization: BET /  The RLJ Companies What Makes The Person A Game Changer: Robert L. Johnson is best known for being the founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET) and serving as the groundbreaking network’s  chairman...