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Senator Harry Reid announces retirement, eyes turn toward Nevada’s Latino electorate

Today Nevada Senator Harry Reid announced his retirement. The Senate Minority Leader insisted that this announcement had nothing to do with a recent eye injury, and it is being reported that Reid had made this decision privately before sustaining the eye injury in January. You can watch Senator Reid’s video announcement of his retirement here: […]

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Butterfield: Politically Driven Open Internet Debate Should Not Slow Sound Broadband Policy

Hailing from Wilson, North Carolina, Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Congressman G.K. Butterfield understands well the challenges facing many Americans today. Comprised of roughly three-quarters of a million people, 53% of the residents of North Carolina’s first district are women, 26% are 20 years old and younger, 34% are between 20-44, and 40% are over the […]

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Kardashian Congressman Aaron Schock is GOP’s Welfare Queen

Could Anyone Be This Stupid? The Answer is YES.  American taxpayers funded $79,000 in furniture and $29,000 on a photographer over four months for soon-to-be-funded Rep. Aaron Schock (D-IL).  This is the same Rep. Schock who said food stamps were “a waste of money.”  I guess no one should be surprised that a member of […]

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Canadian born Ted Cruz to enter GOP race for president, let the birther stories begin

On Sunday, it was announced that Texas Senator Ted Cruz will launch his presidential campaign on Monday at Liberty University in Virginia. While Jeb Bush is “exploring” a run for president, Ted Cruz would be the first official candidate if he does in fact declare his intentions tomorrow. One issue about Ted Cruz that will […]

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#RaceTogether: conversations about race deserve more time than it takes to make your latte

On Tuesday, Twitter was abuzz with the news that Starbucks was encouraging its baristas to have conversations with customers about race in America in its “Race Together” campaign. What may have started out as a well intentioned move by Starbucks turned into an onslaught of online criticism prompting Corey duBrowa, the senior vice president of communications […]