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Supreme Court is allowing Texas to use strict voter ID law in Nov. election

On Saturday, the Supreme Court gave Texas the approval to move forward with implementing a strict voter identification law in the upcoming midterm election. Adam Liptak for The New York Times wrote: “The law, enacted in 2011, requires voters seeking to cast their ballots at the polls to present photo identification like a Texas driver’s […]

mayor1nyc National

Noerdlinger Obsession Verifies NY Reporters Make Way Under $170,000

“It’s none of your f—ing business.” — New York City Mayor Ed Koch.  If you want to learn every detail of every parking ticket or unpaid debt of the Chief of Staff of the wife of the Mayor of New York and her boyfriend, boy do I have a story for you.  Rudy and Judy Nathan […]

young-black-woman-texting Telecom

Rising Wireless Taxes Could Jeopardize Mobile Use

Economist Scott Mackey, in conjunction with the Tax Foundation, an independent tax policy research organization, recently released Wireless Taxation in the United States 2014. On average, each month when people pay their wireless bills, roughly 17% of their total cost goes to state and local taxes, the study finds. Washington (18.6%), Nebraska (18.48%), New York (17.74%), […]

leeTerry National

Republicans Release Willie Horton Type Ad to Help Rep. Lee Terry Get Elected

Breaking News: Republicans release race-baiting Willie Horton style ad less than three weeks before election day.  Bet you could have never guessed that would happen.  Even though the headline at The Hill reads “NRCC releases Willie Horton-style ad in Nebraska House race,” the ad in question is perhaps worse than the infamous 1988 ad.  Lee […]

kasich6 National

Black Paper in Ohio Endorses Republican for Governor

  OHIO. The Call & Post, a historic Black newspaper established in Cleveland in 1928, endorsed Republican John Kasich for Governor over the Democrat in the race.  Instead of just rubber stamping their endorsement, like so many newspapers on the left and right do (looking at you Richmond Times Dispatch), the Call & Post detailed out their […]



Spotlight: Marcus Sebastian Mason – The Madison Group

Marcus Sebastian Mason is Senior Partner at The Madison Group (TMG). He is responsible for managing the firm’s transportation, energy, tax, telecom and homeland security portfolio. In addition he focuses on crisis management,...
by Kristal High


Net Neutrality 101 for Communities of Color

The View from Navarrow Wright, Co-founder, Global Grind Hey James – let me start by saying I am a true fan of Color of Change and have much respect for everything you’ve done for the movement. But right now your arg...
by Kristal High



Vanessa R. Williams, Laser Focused

Name: Vanessa R Williams Title: Executive Director Organization: National Conference of Black Mayors Age: 35 As Executive Director of the National Conference of Black Mayors, Vanessa R. Williams facilitates the good work of mor...
by Angela Benton



Michelle Obama Launches Let’s Move

While President Obama continues to wrangle with Congress over the state of health care reform, first lady Michelle Obama is leading the way on preventative care.  Beginning last month, Mrs. Obama has been speaking before stude...
by Talia Whyte


Outreach Over Health Care Reform Continues

President Obama’s willingness to reach out “across the aisle” has been a recurring theme throughout the first year of his presidency and shows no signs of stopping. With efforts to reform health care coverage ...
by Lesly Simmons



Is the Stimulus Plan getting to Black Communities?

This week President Obama touted the achievements of his year old stimulus plan, claiming that his administration saved the country from a “second depression” by extending unemployment insurance, making COBRA health...
by Talia Whyte


Pentagon Spending is Wasted on Corruption

The Defense appropriation bill has gone through a long journey for the last few month, with many uphill battles due to partisan politics.  But both parties have something in common – corruption.  With the sudden death l...
by Talia Whyte



AIG Bonuses Flare up in Congress

In the end, the markets, as they should have in the first place may have to decide AIG's fate.
by Jabulani Leffall


Broadband and E-Medicine – The Future is Now

As the demand for content on the Web grows exponentially, we are seeing a corresponding increase in opportunities for the healthcare world to provide services and information for patients/consumers. Phrases such as “high spee...
by Andre Blackman



The Making of a Black Tea Party?

Lately, a growing number of Republican-leaning, independent voters have been speaking out against the Obama administration’s policy agenda.  This national phenomenon has become better know as the “Tea Party,”...
by Talia Whyte


Chatter About CBC Explodes After NYT Article

In the week since the New York Times article “In Black Caucus, a Fund-Raising Powerhouse” appeared, there has been a lot of chatter around the web about some of the story’s more salacious details. Many of thes...
by Kris Broughton



New Political Players Fill D.C.’s Social Scene

The arrival of the first African American President of the United States and his family to Washington D.C. has had a major impact on the city’s social scene. While long known as “Chocolate City,” people of ...
by Lesly Simmons


Local Politicians Exert Influence on National Issues

As the saying goes, all politics is local, but there are plenty of opportunities for local politicians to work on the national stage. Legislation handed down in Washington is ultimately administered by state and local govern...
by Lesly Simmons



Obama: The Hope Slope

If greed and patience don’t mix then certainly idealism and patience can be equally incompatible. The first assertion is what’s got us in this economic mess in the first place.  The second is why President Barack Obama’s...
by Jabulani Leffall