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Report: Obama administration warned of Central American refugee crisis

Over the weekend, the Washington Post published an article detailing the extent that the Obama administration was warned of the surge of child refugees from Central America. The upshot is that the administration treated the increase in unaccompanied minors as a localized problem and was focused more on political considerations than alleviating the situation when […]

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Pigs Fly During Do-Nothing Congress: Chaka Fattah, Gillibrand + GOP Pass Urban Jobs Bill

Last week as everyone was paying attention to the crisis at the Mexican border, violence in Israel, and shootings in Chicago, Congress actually got something relevant done.  Although the 113th Congress is set to be the least productive Congress since 1965, a jobs bill passed last week and is on the President’s desk. In terms […]

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D.C. Council Set to Ban Expelling Pre-Schoolers From Publicly Funded Programs

You would think that suspending or expelling a 3 yearly who threw a tantrum from a program would be unthinkable right?  But in Washington, D.C. — just like in so many other cities — officials have to act to pass laws to stop the practice. The habit of getting expelling kids for misbehavior, and even […]

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New York Firefighter Danae Mines Makes History

Only one of 41 women in the 11,000 member New York City Fire Department, Bronx native Danae Mines knew that she would be a long shot participant in the department’s annual calendar that typically only features men. Cover photos of New York City’s buff bravest have been an exciting feature of the calendar.  But Mines tried […]

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Free Press, Public Knowledge Exposé Echoes Dangerous Trend for Undermining Credibility

At a time when people are increasingly skeptical of whose interests are really being represented by public advocacy groups, and various civic and social associations, “follow the money trail” analysis has become a more pervasive tactic to undermine an opponent’s arguments.  Such is the case of a recent article by Inside Sources, which links fundraising […]