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#HandsUpDontSpend: Pastor Jamal Bryant Urges Economic Boycott Ferguson Protest

Nov. 27 to Dec. 2nd. Baltimore based Pastor Jamal Bryant has kicked off an economic protest/boycott set to take place from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday.  The economic boycott is a way to protest the lack of prosecution of Ferguson, Mo., Police Officer Darren Wilson in the killing of teenager Michael Brown. The protest would last from […]

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Activists gear up for Dec. 3 protests to highlight US role in funding Mexican security forces

As activists in Mexico have been protesting for weeks to draw attention to the 43 missing students from the Mexican state of Guerrero, their counterparts here in the United States are gearing up for an action on December 3 to draw the American public’s attention to the role that its tax dollars play in the […]

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Marion Barry (1936-2014) and Summer Jobs

From the suites to the streets. Early this morning former Washington, D.C. Mayor and current Ward 8 Councilman Marion Barry died.   In an age of gridlock where many members of Congress brag about flying back and fourth from home to Washington, D.C. and get paid for doing nothing, Barry is remembered by many residents […]

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A Powerful Week for the Black Caucus

SEVEN UP. It was a fascinating week for the Congressional Black Caucus.  Perhaps one of their best days since four Black Caucus members became Committee Chairman in January 2009. The week started with New Jersey Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ) winning the top Democratic spot on the Energy and Commerce Committee.  What would normally have been a […]

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iAmerica.org launches as a resource for administrative relief

As President Obama announces his plan to provide administrative relief to millions of undocumented immigrants this evening, organizations are gearing up for an influx of questions from those who might be eligible for relief from deportation. iAmerica.org is one website that is launching today in partnership with organizations such as Mi Familia Vota, SEIU, the […]



Firm Alleges SBA Guilty of Discrimination

Diamond Ventures, a venture capital firm, is suing the Small Business Administration (SBA) for racial discrimination. The $50 million lawsuit alleges that the SBA rejected Diamond’s application to join their Small Busines...
by Robin Caldwell


Census Day is Here

Census Day is here. What does that mean to you? If you haven’t filled out your census form, you need to take ten minutes to answer the ten questions on the form and send it in. Why is it such a big deal today? Because April 1...
by Kris Broughton



Haiti Receives $15 Billion in Pledges at UN Donor Conference

In an unusual show of solidarity at a special donor conference at the United Nations, over 100 countries and organizations pledged $15 billion in support to Haiti. The short-term assistance totaled $5 billion though Haiti only ...
by Robin Caldwell


James Vanderzee

The Declining Black Middle Class in Economic Recovery

The economic downturn has made many Americans rethink their current class status.  According to recent study by ABC News, 45 percent of Americans define themselves as middle class, while 39 percent who see themselves as workin...
by Talia Whyte

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New Drilling Proposal Puts Obama At Odds With Supporters

President Obama, along with Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, will present his new oil drilling proposal at Andrews Air Base in Maryland today. It proposes a dramatic expansion of allowable deepwater oil exploration sites up and ...
by Kris Broughton


dorothy height

Dorothy Height Remains Hospitalized

Chair and President Emerita of the National Council of Negro Women (NCNW), Dorothy Height, remains hospitalized in the ICU of Howard University Hospital in Washington, D.C. Height, 98, is reported to be in serious condition bu...
by Robin Caldwell


Voters Sign On With Meek For Florida Senate Seat

In the age of streaming video, Twitter, smart phones and email, Kendrick Meek literally took his candidacy back to the streets to build support for his Florida senate candidacy. Meek amassed 145,000 signatures from Florida vote...
by Kris Broughton



Census Bureau Apologizes for ‘Negro’ Classification on Form

Someone at the Census Bureau decided that black Americans should have a choice in how to identify themselves on the 2010 census form. The racial classifications decided by the bureau are black, African-American and Negro. Negro...
by Robin Caldwell


Haiti’s Preval Expected to Seek $3.9 Billion from United Nations

Haiti President Rene Preval is expected to show up at the United Nations armed with a 50-page “Vision and Plan” for rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure, as well as  a request for $3.9 billion. The $3.9 bil...
by Robin Caldwell


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Kweisi Mfume Begins New Position as Leader of the National Medical Association

Former U. S. Representative Kweisi Mfume starts a new position today as the executive leader of the National Medical Association (NMA), the nation’s oldest and largest organization representing the interests of over 30,00...
by Robin Caldwell

AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

Surprise Visit To Afghanistan Increases Obama Momentum

President Obama surprised the nation when he surfaced Sunday in Afghanistan after a whirlwind week in which he signed his health care reform initiative into law. While the Sunday morning political talk shows mostly played ̶...
by Kris Broughton



Clinton Urges Aid Groups to Make Haiti Self-Sufficient

In his service as a special envoy to Haiti, former President Bill Clinton spoke to aids groups serving the earthquake-devastated country on Thursday. He asked groups to focus their energies on assistance that enables Haiti to b...
by Robin Caldwell


Answering Politico’s Diversity Problem

Editor’s Note: Please read the snippet of commentary by my colleague, Markus Robinson. It absolutely conveys the reason why and how Politic365.com exists, and it explains the necessity of our presence in new media.  I...
by CJ Miller


Thurbert Baker

GA Attorney General Says “No” To Lawsuit Against Health Care Law

Georgia attorney general Thurbert Baker finds himself under attack by Georgia governor Sonny Perdue and the Republican members of the Georgia legislature this week, who are rumored to be introducing a resolution to introduce Ar...
by Kris Broughton

health care bill

What Does the New Health Care Law Mean To You?

President Barack Obama signed the healthcare reform bill into law yesterday at the White House. Now that the historic signing ceremony is over, what does this really mean for the average citizen? So many charges and counterchar...
by Kris Broughton



Congressman Rush Introduces Bill to Reduce Youth Unemployment

H.R. 4920 “Employing Youth for the American Dream Act of 2010” offers tax incentives to employers for hiring young workers, 16 – 24 H.R. 4920 the “Employing Youth for the American Dream Act” (EYADA) is a c...
by Robin Caldwell

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Political Back Rooms, Haunts and Hangouts

Black politicians haven’t always met in private clubs with cherry and mahogany embellished paneling and butlers carrying silver platters lined with brandy snifters. Historically, some have favorite hangouts, haunts and ba...
by Robin Caldwell


bush wipes on clinton

BBC Captures Bush Wiping Hands after Handshake in Haiti

It’s been rumored that former president George W. Bush is an obsessive-compulsive who likes to keep his hands clean. Barack Obama even commented on Bush’s chronic need to use hand sanitizer. And it looks like there ...
by Robin Caldwell

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President Signs Healthcare Bill Into Law

President Barack Obama officially signed historic health care legislation into law today in the East Room of the White House. Amid an often raucous and buoyant audience of approximately 250 key Democratic representatives, suppo...
by Kris Broughton



Jesse Jackson Jr. Presides Over The Health Care Debate

By Boyce Watkins, PhD on Mar 22nd 2010 While standing in the hallway off the House floor Sunday night, Rev.Jesse Jackson was able to discuss how excited he was to see his son play a key role in the historic debate taking place...
by aolblackvoices