cornyn56 National

Republican Senator Drops “Civil Rights and Human Rights” from Committee Name

Just Another Moment in GOP Growth and Opportunity. Just in case anyone is wondering how the new Republican controlled Senate will deal with civil rights issues, wonder no more.  There’s a new Republican Chairman of the Senate’s Judiciary Committee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights and he is making moves.  And the Republican Chairman’s […]

ferg87 Culture

Only African American on St. Louis Board of Elections Removed

“When you have a county that has at least 45 percent minority population you would hope that would be reflected on the St. Louis County Board of Elections. As of right now every single member of the St. Louis County Board of Elections is white.” Senator Chappelle-Nadal added. Ferguson? Michael Who? For those who believe “voting doesn’t […]

AC-Ferg-1 Culture

Positive Vibes From Ferguson Activists After Dinner With Black Caucus

Youth Movement.  ”Where do I start?  How about undefinable frustration? It seems we can’t even catch our breath from our first tragedy before being hit by another gut-punch from a second, third, and fourth.  The names Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, John Crawford, Tamir Rice — and countless more.  Too many more. That is the […]

ferg8 National

Eight Ferguson Related Bills in Congress

FERGUSON LEGISLATIVE UPDATE.  Think that Ferguson related legislation can’t pass the Republican controlled House and Senate? Think again. What is the one issue that congressional Republicans and Democrats have found rare agreement on? Criminal justice reform.   The passage of the Death in Custody Reporting Act through the Republican controlled House in 2013 demonstrated that.  The […]

5665183743_3604a2686f_b Education

Childhood poverty: majority of U.S. public school students eligible for free or reduced lunch

Rising income inequality in the U.S. has produced a startling statistic: 51% of U.S. public school children in pre-K through 12th grade were eligible under the federal program for free and reduced-price lunches in the 2012-2013 school year according to a report from the Southern Education Foundation. The increase in needy children in the U.S. threatens […]



Network News Shows: More Infomercial than Information

Last Sunday, after getting my dose of televised sports, I watched the respected news magazine show, “60 Minutes.” Yes, I am part of the under 60 year-old crowd that watches the show. But the other evening, I was becoming un...
by Noel S. Anderson, Ph.D.

bobb and bing

A Bad News Day for Teachers in Three Major Cities

Yesterday,  the Cleveland school board approved layoffs for about 10 percent of its 8,000 employees. The layoffs include 545 teachers, 100 or so principals and assistant principals, and 117 support staff effective in June. The...
by Politic365 Staff


law abiding citizen

Law Averse Citizens

Daily revelations concerning citizen-driven anti-government rage unfold like a script out of Law Abiding Citizen. Director F. Gary Gray’s gruesome tale of a relentless vigilante in pursuit of Philadelphia jurists is textbook...
by Charles Ellison



The Daughters of Dorothy Height

A little girl trying to play grownup at 20 years old walked into the old National Council of Negro Women‘s headquarters at 1318 Vermont Avenue NW in Washington, D. C., requesting to see Dorothy Height. The receptionist g...
by Robin Caldwell


Microsoft Launches Virtual TownHall Social Media Site for Politicians

We love politics and social media technologies. And apparently so does Microsoft. Today Microsoft unveiled TownHall, a social media site designed to unite politicians with their constituencies. TownHall is built around Microsof...
by Robin Caldwell



Willie L. Brown, Jr. and His Legacy of Sartorial Elegance

Before Diddy could even hint at swagger, there was California State Assemblyman Willie Lewis Brown, Jr. Often controversial, seldom shy or retiring and always the epitome of sartorial elegance. This native Texan’s rise to...
by Robin Caldwell

oil drilling

Oil in Haiti? The Possibility Could be a Solution or Another Problem

By Del Walters There are two major concerns coming out of the situation in Haiti these days.  One concern is that not enough is being done, or if it is being done than the job is much larger than anyone anticipated.  Quietly,...
by ebonyjet


Dr. Kendra A. King Head Shot (a)

Author, Professor: Hip-hop has a Growing Influence on Politics

There is one thing that Dr. Kendra A. King is certain about when it comes to the influence of hip-hop: it definitely packs a political punch. An associate professor of politics at Oglethorpe University and director of its Rich ...
by Bridgette Outten


The Brother Who Wants to Go to Another Planet

When President Obama nominated retired Marine Corps General Charles F. Bolden, Jr. to head the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), some of us sci-fi inclined brothers and sisters did a classic “Can I Kick It...
by Charles Ellison


Dorthy Height

Civil Rights Activist and Leader Dorothy Height Dies at 98

We’ve got to work to save our children and do it with full respect for the fact that if we do not, no one else is going to do it. ~ Dorothy Height (1912-2010) Reuters reports that Chair and President Emerita of the Natio...
by Politic365 Staff


Harvard Educator Charles Ogletree Describes Sharpton Link to Obama

By Boyce Watkins, PhD President Barack Obama’s former mentor at Harvard University, Charles Ogletree,took the time to explain how Obama works with the Rev. Al Sharpton, who has been instrumental in connecting the Obama...
by aolblackvoices



Rangel Challenged by Old Foe Powell

Harlem Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV is running in the fall Democratic primary for the 15th Congressional District of New York seat. Powell is going up against the man who unseated his father more than 30 years ago: Congre...
by Bridgette Outten

greetings from maryland

Greetings from Maryland: The State that Batters its Victims …

Basically, if you’re a victim of domestic violence, Maryland is the last state you want to reside in. It gets worse if you’re a woman with children, because there are countless cases in the Free State where batterers end u...
by Charles Ellison



Senate Climate Change Bill to be Unveiled April 26

Legislators are scrambling to unveil a new U.S. Senate climate change bill, reportedly in time for Earth Day on April 26. The bill is jointly sponsored by Senators John Kerry (D-Massachusetts) Lindsey Graham, (R-South Carolina)...
by Bridgette Outten

white supremacist

White Suprmacist Group Rallies Against Illegal Immigration in L.A.

The National Socialist Movement, a white supremacist group protested against illegal immigration outside of Los Angeles’ City Hall while a group of counter-protesters attempted shout them down in a tense standoff that end...
by Politic365 Staff


segregation schools

Mississippi School District Ordered to Desegregate

A Mississippi school district has been ordered to desegregate after a federal judge said its practices of transferring mostly white students to another school amounted to racial segregation. The fact that the order was even nec...
by Bridgette Outten

sudanese child

Sudan is the ‘Hungriest Place on Earth,’ Children Are Starving

By Ruth Manuel-Logan After years of battling drought and civil and tribal wars, Sudan, the largest country on the African continent, is experiencing looming famine. An entire population is teetering on the verge of severe sta...
by aolblackvoices



Robert L. Johnson Testifies before the U.S. Senate Committee

Media Pioneer Urges U.S. Senate Committee to Address Political Issues That Restrict Access To Capital for Minority Businesses Robert L. Johnson, founder and chairman of The RLJ Companies testified today before the U.S. Senate C...
by Robin Caldwell

Immigration Enforcement

Arizona Passes Toughest Act Against Illegal Immigrants in Country

Republican Governor Jan Brewer is expected to sign a bill passed by the Arizona legislature this week that gives police unprecedented power to apprehend undocumented workers under any circumstance. Considered the toughest imm...
by Robin Caldwell



Obama Administration to Observe National Day of Prayer Despite Ruling

President Obama will observe the National Day of Prayer on May 6, despite a federal judge striking down the federal statute that established the National Day of Prayer, ruling that it violates the constitutional ban on governme...
by Politic365 Staff