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On Dems Who Say They’re Against Mandatory Minimums But Keep Voting For Them

So what have we long known — based on studied facts and data — about mandatory minimums?  That they are, 1. Racially applied, 2. Waste tax money, 3. Drive over-incarceration.  These are basic well established facts.  The “it” thing right now when it comes to criminal justice reform is to do interviews and fly around […]

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Trump: deport all 11 million undocumented immigrants

On Wednesday, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump offered some specifics about what his immigration policy would be after launching his presidential candidacy last month insisting that many undocumented Mexican immigrants were “rapists.” Trump told CNN that he would deport all of the approximately 11 million undocumented immigrants currently living in the U.S. and that he […]

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Mollohan, Murtha, Lewis, Young, Weldon, Dicks, Kanjorski… Fattah Indicted

Let’s take a look at who the Department of Justice has recently investigated for reasons similar to the allegations alleged in the indictment of Rep. Chaka Fattah (D-PA). Rep. Allan Mollohan (D-WV) was investigated by DoJ for four years. In 2010, the case was dropped. Rep. Jack Murtha (D-PA) was investigated for corruption. He died […]

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Sen. Tim Scott Talks Justice Reform and Outlines His Police Body Camera Bill

Yesterday, Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) introduced a bill that would provide local jurisdictions with $100 million per year in body cameras. Though there is no specific set of standards for states to receive money for the cameras, Sen. Scott pointed out that the details are best worked on a local level given the intricacies of each […]

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18 Rs + 18 Ds: Most Bi-Partisan #JusticeReform Bill in Congress Has 36 Sponsors

SAFE JUSTICE ACT.  When any bill in Congress has an even amount of Democrats and Republican on it, it’s news — unless it’s the naming of a post office. When it comes to criminal justice reform bills, it’s particularly rare to see 36 co-sponsors that are equally divided. On July 17, Speaker John Boehner was supportive of […]



Princella Smith Selected As Delegate to Turkey

Princella Smith, the GOP newcomer who fell to Rick Crawford in her bid for a congressional seat representing Arkansas, will be off on a new venture this fall. Smith has been selected by the American Council of Young Political ...
by Bridgette Outten


Kagan’s Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing Starts This Week

President Barack Obama’s Supreme  Court pick Elena Kagan will go before Congress this week, offering lawmakers the opportunity to question her record, her beliefs and whether she can be impartial on the nation’s hi...
by Bridgette Outten


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Cybersecurity Bill Approved by Senate Committee

The Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs has approved a bill that would give the president authority over the Internet in the case of an emergency. The cybersecurity bill or Protecting Cyberspace as a ...
by Robin Caldwell



The Bystander or The Politics of Social Loafing

Social loafing is our national undoing. It eats away at our desire to vote and speak out against injustice. It erodes any sense of urgency. Through pollsters and pundits, we complain of our uncaring public officials, of poli...
by Charles Ellison


The District Honors Michael Jackson in Events This Weekend

Can you believe it’s been one full year since the death of Michael Jackson? I can’t, but thanks to some good people in The District, you can find any number of celebrations in song, dance and image to honor The King...
by Robin Caldwell



Arizona Gov. Questions Obama About Plans for Border

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer would like to know more about President Barack Obama’s plans for border security, according to a letter released Thursday. Brewer is reportedly following up on a meeting with the President earlier ...
by Bridgette Outten

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U.S. World Cup Team Gets Personal Kudos from Obama

The U.S. World Cup Soccer team got a very special phone call on Thursday. President Barack Obama phoned the team to offer his congratulations on their 1-0 victory against Algeria this week. According to a White House statement...
by Bridgette Outten



Budget Woes Force Detroit to Close 77 Parks

True to words spoken during an exclusive interview with Mayor Dave Bing earlier this month, the city of Detroit is set to close 1,400 acres of city parks by July 1 in the face of a severe budget deficit. The 77 parks are scatte...
by Bridgette Outten

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Senate Rejects Extension of Jobless Benefits, Money for Black Farmers

GOP lawmakers defeated a bill Thursday that would have extended unemployment benefits through November, given federal aid to states and provided the payout to settle a discrimination lawsuit brought by black farmers, according ...
by Bridgette Outten



The Finer Points of U.S. Financial Regulation Reform Bill

Lawmakers from both the House and Senate pulled a marathon session – over 20 hours of work –  to hammer out more details of the financial regulation reform bill. The next step is a potential vote in Congress next w...
by Robin Caldwell


Bob Johnson Forms Strategic Relationships to Build Facilities in Haiti

Bob Johnson, founder and chairman of The RLJ Companies (RLJ), announced a strategic relationship with Global Building Solutions, LLC, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd. (RCL) and Haiti-based WIN Group, to build two structured in...
by Politic365 Staff



Obama Administration to Focus on Homeless

The Obama administration has committed to a national strategic plan to end homelessness, according to an announcement from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development released this week. The plan from Cabinet members a...
by Bridgette Outten

Jeff Skilling

SCOTUS Sides with ex-Enron CEO Skilling; Could Affect Blagojevich Outcome

Though it is not enough to guarantee  an overturned conviction, the Supreme Court sided with ex-Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling in limiting the use of the “honest services” law, a sometimes vague  federal fraud law tha...
by Robin Caldwell


rahm emanuel

Obama’s Revolving Door: Is it that Deep? Pt.2

Part 2 of Obama’s Revolving Door: Is it that Deep? There’s already a betting pool or a few, believe it or not.  And news about Emanuel is making more than its fair share of headlines as a White House Chief of Staff, fr...
by Charles Ellison


McChrystal Resigns, Patraeus Takes the Reigns

In the culmination of two days of speculation, Gen. Stanley McChrystal has tendered his resignation to President Obama. The high-profile departure is the result of a set of statements made by McChrystal made in an upcoming issu...
by Sherri L. Smith



Obama’s Revolving Door: Is it that Deep?

Revolving door politics at the White House is nothing new.  There’s nothing unusual about it, nothing really uncommon about it. In reality, it’s not that big of a deal. However, the stories, tales and gossip surrounding an...
by Charles Ellison


The Leadership Deficit by Joseph C. Phillips

Appearing on CNN with Anderson Cooper, film director Spike Lee implored President Obama to infuse his handling of the Gulf oil spill with more emotion. Demonstrating the astute analysis we have come to expect from the director,...
by Guest Contributor



Yvette McGee Brown Promises Urban Agenda for Ohio

Yvette McGee Brown, who is running alongside incumbent Gov. Ted Strickland in the November election, has pledged service to cities in Ohio if elected. During a speech Tuesday, McGee Brown said “cities will be at the cente...
by Bridgette Outten


Florida Senate Candidate Kendrick Meek Debates Opponent Greene

U. S. Rep. Kendrick Meek charged at his opponent Jeff Greene with what amounted to a verbal head butt, “On nights that Floridians went to bed praying that they could save their homes and save the equity in their homes, Mr...
by Robin Caldwell



Oil Spill Day 64: Judge Denies Drilling Ban, Dems Attack Republicans’ Apology

More than two months since the BP oil spill began spewing crude into the Gulf of Mexico, a federal judge has overruled President Barack Obama’s six-month ban on offshore drilling. The White House has said it will appeal t...
by Bridgette Outten