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Katrina Anniversary: There are no words

The ten-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina is here. How the hell do I write about that? Perhaps it’s appropriate to offer a disclaimer: I don’t live in New Orleans, and I never have. I can’t speak from the perspective of an insider, and I dare not offer anything that even remotely resembles an understanding of […]

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Words vs. policy: why is Ricky Martin urging Latinos to unite against Trump?

This week singer Ricky Martin wrote an opinion piece urging Latinos “to unite against Donald Trump.” In reference to the GOP candidate throwing Univision anchor Jorge Ramos out of a press conference, Martin wrote: “I am not surprised Trump would aim so low. I am surprised that we Hispanics continue to accept these aggressions and […]

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Latino voters’ net favorability rating of Donald Trump is -51

Yesterday Gallup released a new poll that shows 65% of Latino voters have an unfavorable view of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump. 14% of Hispanic voters have a favorable view of Trump. Trump, who announced his campaign criticzing immigrants from Mexico, has doubled down on his anti-immigrant rhetoric calling for completing a border wall and […]

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Clueless Ben Carson Gives #BlackLivesMatter Advice They Don’t Need

Should we bother to take seriously someone who compares health care to slavery or thinks using drone attacks to stop illegal immigration is a good idea? Probably not.  But Dr. Ben Carson is a neurosurgeon running for President and the paradox of his candidacy is that his storied medical career is at direct odds with his lack […]

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Cop Killed 2 Unarmed Men in 4 Yrs: Autopsy Says Chapman Was Shot at Distance

Officer Stephen Rankin, a member of the Portsmouth, Virginia Police Department, had been previously suspended for over a year after shooting an unarmed man in 2011.  In April 2015, the same Portsmouth, Virginia officer,  shot and killed 18-year-old William Chapman in a supermarket parking lot.   In April 2011, Officer Rankin shot and killed Kirill Denyakin, […]



Chicago Back to Court Over Gun Laws

It’s back to court for the city of Chicago has four city residents and the Illinois Association of Firearms Retailers are suing over new gun control ordinances. Chicago passed tough new ordinances after a U.S. Supreme Cou...
by Bridgette Outten

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Obama Administration Makes Clean Energy Investments

White House officials sometimes get to see where the stimulus money invested in clean energy projects at work. Nancy Sutley, White House Council on Environmental Quality, recently got that chance and blogged about it. She toure...
by Bridgette Outten



Expecting Blocks From GOP, Obama Uses Recess Appointment for Health Care Director

President Barack Obama has once again used what amounts to a political trump card to fill what the he called critical administration posts. Obama has made three more recess appointments and using them means the president can by...
by Bridgette Outten



No Defense for Clarence Thomas’ Self Defense

By Brian Gilmore Last week, Benjamin Jackson killed a man. Jackson, according to the reports from the Washington Post, “spotted” two men dragging a woman into her apartment across from his apartment. Jackson investigated, a...
by ebonyjet

Howard County Center of African American Culture.

Columbia MD Diversity Not Reflected in Leadership

Residents of a suburban Maryland community designed for racial diversity wonder why just 11 percent of the town’s government is nonwhite when 35 percent of its residents are minorities. “It’s a concern,”...
by Bridgette Outten


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Hustling for a Senate Seat

It’s not simply a matter of money can buy you power, which is certainly the case when parsing through the numbers. But, it also says something about the business of politics and the direction the industry has been headed for...
by Charles Ellison


Thurbert Baker Has ‘Plan for People’ in Georgia Gov. Race

After five successful campaigns for Georgia state representative and three for his current post of state attorney general, Thubert Baker is confident about his most recent political foray into the Democratic primary for governo...
by Bridgette Outten



POTUS, Lawmakers Weigh In On LeBron

Politicians aren’t only squabbling over taxes, health care and immigration. They also don’t see eye to eye on…LeBron James. The Summer of LeBron hasn’t even escaped the powers that be on Capitol Hill as ...
by Bridgette Outten


Justice Department Sues Arizona Over Immigration Law, Gov. Brewer Responds

The U.S. Justice Department filed a lawsuit against the state of Arizona Tuesday in federal court, alleging its controversial illegal immigration laws conflict with federal law, would disrupt immigration enforcement and would l...
by Bridgette Outten



Update: Money for Black Farmers To Go Before Lawmakers Again

Deadlines for Congress to appropriate money to compensate black farmers as part of a discrimination settlement have come and gone. Senate Republicans recently rejected a jobless benefits extension bill that included $1.2 billi...
by Bridgette Outten


The LeBron Effect: Can Cleveland Survive Without Him?

If LeBron James leaves the Cleveland Cavaliers, will his magic leave the city’s economy, too? James is set to announce his decision  on where he will spend his next season at 9 p.m. Thursday during an hour-long special ...
by Bridgette Outten


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Three Missing Milwaukee Kids Found Within Hours of Amber Alert

Three Milwaukee siblings were located safe Monday afternoon and their mother was taken into police custody after an Amber Alert was issued for the children hours earlier. The alert had been issued for Javious, Jaleiah and Kater...
by Bridgette Outten


Holder, Justice Department Files Suit Against Arizona

The U.S. Justice Department has filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Arizona’s tough new law, SB 1070, targeting illegal immigrants. President Obama and Eric Holder promised that the suit was imminent thou...
by Robin Caldwell



Michael Steele as Political Tiger Woods

What will Michael Steele do? The novelty of his tokenism is, for the most part, played out. The shine of that moment has worn off, much like the droopy poll numbers of President Obama. He's like Tiger Woods: his usefulness i...
by Charles Ellison

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Checkbook NYC Allows Public to Track How Taxpayer Money is Spent

For New Yorkers, holding lawmakers fiscally responsible can now be as simple as logging online and clicking a button. That’s goal of a Checkbook NYC , a new Web site unveiled earlier this month by city comptroller John ...
by Bridgette Outten


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Queen of Soul, Condi Rice Will Perform Together in Benefit Concert

It’s an event that is being hailed as “an evening of classics and R-E-S-P-E-C-T.” Former Secretary of State and accomplished pianist Condoleezza Rice is set to perform with Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin in Phi...
by Bridgette Outten

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“World Cup Players”: Race and Politics on the Field

The fervor of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa seemed to have captured the world. In most of the world, of course, soccer is a religion of sorts. But here in the U.S., we are relative newbies to the world of soccer, so I...
by Noel S. Anderson, Ph.D.



Green DMV to Celebrate Award, Honor Van Jones at Fundraiser

It all started with a discussion about a New York Times article that detailed environmentalist Van Jones‘ views on tackling pollution and poverty through green jobs. When Rhon Hayes and Philip O’Neal began to talk...
by Bridgette Outten


White Population in Manhattan is Increasing

Experts say several factors are responsible for the uptick in white non-Hispanic population in Manhanttan, the first time since the borough has seen such a surge since the 1970s. The New York times reports: “The white sha...
by Bridgette Outten



McCain: Michael Steele’s Afghanistan Comments ‘Wildly Inaccurate’

Arizona Sen. John McCain is the latest Republican to criticize National Republican Committee Chairman Michael Steele’s comments about President Barack Obama and the war in Afghanistan. Steele reportedly suggested the con...
by Bridgette Outten