rcs-ryan1 Culture

Two Left Leaning Justice Reform Bills Are Included in Paul Ryan Poverty Plan

Finally, thirty years since the war on drugs was made worse during the 1990s, more Republicans are coming around on criminal justice reform.  Yesterday, Rep. Paul Ryan included two criminal justice reform bills by Democrat Bobby Scott in his long-awaited and much discussed poverty plan.  Both pieces have enjoyed Republican support in the House.   […]

hansen2 National

MI-14: With Vote Split, Former Rep. Hansen Clarke Has Big Polling Lead

The results of a Detroit Free Press/WXYZ-TV/EPIC-MRA poll of 800 people shows that former Michigan Rep. Hansen Clarke has a sizeable lead in the race for MI-14 — the House seat being vacated by Rep. Gary Peters who is running for U.S. Senate. The poll shows that Clarke is leading in a four person race with 39% […]

Jesse1 National

Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Pressure on Big Tech Gets Results, Twitter Reveals Stats

“Rev. Jesse Jackson’s campaign on silicon valley is just as important as a march on police brutality in New York,” said Roland Martin this morning on his radio show News One Now. Rev. Jesse Jackson has been pressuring big tech firms in silicon valley for months to release diversity data and hiring numbers.  In the […]

computer_science Telecom

National Minority Organizations Urge Renewed Focus on Broadband Adoption Amid Net Neutrality Debate

Forty-two national minority organizations representing diverse, multicultural communities filed comments in the Federal Communications Commission’s open Internet proceeding focused on protecting some of the country’s most vulnerable communities. “Ensuring that every American has access to broadband is one of the most critical civil rights challenges of the 21st century,” said David Honig, President of the […]

pantaleo Culture

Conservative Silence on #EricGarner Case Verifies Black Outreach is a Joke

Eric Garner and Conservative Republican silence.  Where is the shouting about “less government?”  Where are the calls for violations of 4th Amendment rights and police state overreach? Was there conservative support for Cliven Bundy? Sure. For Eric Garner those same calls are no where to be found. Reince Pribus’ effort on Black outreach would appear […]