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July 31: Hillary Clinton to Speak at National Urban League Conference

On July 31, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will address the National Urban League in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. at their annual conference.  So far in the early 2016 campaign for the White House, Clinton has been vocal and pointed on race.  Clinton has mentioned “white privilege,” racism in the justice system and other “hard truths” […]

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Black Unemployment Rate Falls to 9.5% in June from Double Digits in May

Black unemployment drops to 9.5%.  It was 10.4 percent in December 2014 and 10.2 percent in May of 2015 but now Black unemployment is at 9.5 percent for June, according to the Department of Labor. The overall jobless rate for June 2015 is 5.3%.  Though Black unemployment continues to remain double the overall employment rate, […]

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Macy’s severs ties to Donald Trump over anti-Mexican remarks

Macy’s department store became the latest business to disassociate itself from GOP presidential candidate and real estate mogul Donald Trump over his anti-Mexican comments. A few weeks ago in making his announcement as a candidate for the GOP nomination, Trump said, “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that […]

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This is What it Sounds Like When the Koch Brothers Support Justice Reform

Think of the famous motto of the Black Caucus, “no permanent enemies only permanent interests,” as you think of the Koch Brothers supporting a criminal justice reform bill that rolls back over criminalization.  It shouldn’t be a shock at to anyone that the Libertarian leaning Koch Brothers support series justice reform.  But it is.  I […]

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5 Recent Black Church Arsons in SC, NC, GA, TN, FL

In the wake of the racist murders of nine members of the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina on June 16,  there have been five arsons of Black churches in the South.  There is a long history in America regarding attacks on Black churches. 1. Knoxville, TN — June, 21 – College Hill Seventh Day […]



The Finer Points of U.S. Financial Regulation Reform Bill

Lawmakers from both the House and Senate pulled a marathon session – over 20 hours of work –  to hammer out more details of the financial regulation reform bill. The next step is a potential vote in Congress next w...
by Robin Caldwell


Bob Johnson Forms Strategic Relationships to Build Facilities in Haiti

Bob Johnson, founder and chairman of The RLJ Companies (RLJ), announced a strategic relationship with Global Building Solutions, LLC, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd. (RCL) and Haiti-based WIN Group, to build two structured in...
by Politic365 Staff



Obama Administration to Focus on Homeless

The Obama administration has committed to a national strategic plan to end homelessness, according to an announcement from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development released this week. The plan from Cabinet members a...
by Bridgette Outten


Jeff Skilling

SCOTUS Sides with ex-Enron CEO Skilling; Could Affect Blagojevich Outcome

Though it is not enough to guarantee  an overturned conviction, the Supreme Court sided with ex-Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling in limiting the use of the “honest services” law, a sometimes vague  federal fraud law tha...
by Robin Caldwell

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Obama’s Revolving Door: Is it that Deep? Pt.2

Part 2 of Obama’s Revolving Door: Is it that Deep? There’s already a betting pool or a few, believe it or not.  And news about Emanuel is making more than its fair share of headlines as a White House Chief of Staff, fr...
by Charles Ellison



McChrystal Resigns, Patraeus Takes the Reigns

In the culmination of two days of speculation, Gen. Stanley McChrystal has tendered his resignation to President Obama. The high-profile departure is the result of a set of statements made by McChrystal made in an upcoming issu...
by Sherri L. Smith


Obama’s Revolving Door: Is it that Deep?

Revolving door politics at the White House is nothing new.  There’s nothing unusual about it, nothing really uncommon about it. In reality, it’s not that big of a deal. However, the stories, tales and gossip surrounding an...
by Charles Ellison



The Leadership Deficit by Joseph C. Phillips

Appearing on CNN with Anderson Cooper, film director Spike Lee implored President Obama to infuse his handling of the Gulf oil spill with more emotion. Demonstrating the astute analysis we have come to expect from the director,...
by Guest Contributor


Yvette McGee Brown Promises Urban Agenda for Ohio

Yvette McGee Brown, who is running alongside incumbent Gov. Ted Strickland in the November election, has pledged service to cities in Ohio if elected. During a speech Tuesday, McGee Brown said “cities will be at the cente...
by Bridgette Outten



Florida Senate Candidate Kendrick Meek Debates Opponent Greene

U. S. Rep. Kendrick Meek charged at his opponent Jeff Greene with what amounted to a verbal head butt, “On nights that Floridians went to bed praying that they could save their homes and save the equity in their homes, Mr...
by Robin Caldwell


Oil Spill Day 64: Judge Denies Drilling Ban, Dems Attack Republicans’ Apology

More than two months since the BP oil spill began spewing crude into the Gulf of Mexico, a federal judge has overruled President Barack Obama’s six-month ban on offshore drilling. The White House has said it will appeal t...
by Bridgette Outten



Nikki Haley and Tim Scott Win South Carolina Run-offs

As expected Nikki Haley and Tim Scott won their run-off elections in South Carolina. Amy Gardner of the Washington Post said it best, The Republican Party stepped away from its long and uncomfortable history of racial and ethn...
by Robin Caldwell

(Grace Beahm/The Post And Courier, via AP Photo)

Pivotal Election Day for African American GOP Congressional Candidates

Long known as a double minority, black Republicans, are having an interesting year with more than 30 running in congressional races nationwide. Of the twenty or so still standing, a few actually have a chance of breaking barrie...
by Robin Caldwell



Finding a Point in DISCLOSE

Are public disclosures of corporate spending in elections really that effective? Can transparency mitigate the influence of big money? And how far does the DISCLOSE Act go in seriously reforming the Federal Election Commissio...
by Charles Ellison


President to Fathers: “No Excuses”

On Sunday, President Obama shared his thoughts on fatherhood in a special Father’s Day message. And his thoughts are personal and strong, My own father left my family when I was two years old. I was raised by a heroic mot...
by Robin Caldwell



Arizona Lawmaker Wants to Deny Birth Certificates to ‘Anchor Babies’

An Arizona senator said that he will introduce legislation that would deny birth certificates to “anchor babies,” the children of illegal immigrants born in the U.S., according to the New York Daily News. A controve...
by Bridgette Outten


New Registrations Could Change Political Landscape in D.C. Mayoral Race

More than 47,000 Democrats have registered to vote in Washington, D.C. since 2006, many of them inspired by Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, the Washington Post reported. The Post speculates “the new voters wou...
by Bridgette Outten



Show Me the Oil Money

In the wake of controversial comments made by Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) during a recent House Energy and Commerce subcommittee hearing, angry partisan reactions from both Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill were expectedly f...
by Charles Ellison


Administrator Lays Groundwork for $20B BP Fund

Attorney Kenneth Feinberg has been tapped by BP executives to oversee a $20 billion escrow fund for victims of the nation’s largest oil spill. The Washington Post calls Feinberg “the nation’s unofficial autho...
by Bridgette Outten


(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Smithsonian to Exhibit Art by Haitian Children

The Smithsonian Institution’s Ripley Center will be hosting an exhibit of artwork created by Haitian children. The exhibit begins this Thursday, June 24 and ends on October 17. Haiti’s first lady, Elisabeth Preval, ...
by Robin Caldwell