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Senator Harry Reid announces retirement, eyes turn toward Nevada’s Latino electorate

Today Nevada Senator Harry Reid announced his retirement. The Senate Minority Leader insisted that this announcement had nothing to do with a recent eye injury, and it is being reported that Reid had made this decision privately before sustaining the eye injury in January. You can watch Senator Reid’s video announcement of his retirement here: […]

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Butterfield: Politically Driven Open Internet Debate Should Not Slow Sound Broadband Policy

Hailing from Wilson, North Carolina, Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Congressman G.K. Butterfield understands well the challenges facing many Americans today. Comprised of roughly three-quarters of a million people, 53% of the residents of North Carolina’s first district are women, 26% are 20 years old and younger, 34% are between 20-44, and 40% are over the […]

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Kardashian Congressman Aaron Schock is GOP’s Welfare Queen

Could Anyone Be This Stupid? The Answer is YES.  American taxpayers funded $79,000 in furniture and $29,000 on a photographer over four months for soon-to-be-funded Rep. Aaron Schock (D-IL).  This is the same Rep. Schock who said food stamps were “a waste of money.”  I guess no one should be surprised that a member of […]

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Canadian born Ted Cruz to enter GOP race for president, let the birther stories begin

On Sunday, it was announced that Texas Senator Ted Cruz will launch his presidential campaign on Monday at Liberty University in Virginia. While Jeb Bush is “exploring” a run for president, Ted Cruz would be the first official candidate if he does in fact declare his intentions tomorrow. One issue about Ted Cruz that will […]

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#RaceTogether: conversations about race deserve more time than it takes to make your latte

On Tuesday, Twitter was abuzz with the news that Starbucks was encouraging its baristas to have conversations with customers about race in America in its “Race Together” campaign. What may have started out as a well intentioned move by Starbucks turned into an onslaught of online criticism prompting Corey duBrowa, the senior vice president of communications […]


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D. C. Activist, Philanthropist Maimah Karmo in O, Cosmopolitan Magazines

Maimah Karmo has an avalanche of accolades and descriptors following her name. Activist. Author. Breast Health Expert. Blogger. Entrepreneur. Educator. Editor. Motivational Speaker. Radio Host. She might, however, tell you that...
by ekdavis


Eracing History: Texas Politics is More Than Just Textbooks

So the Texas Board of Education in a 9-5 split, voted this past Friday, with conservative Republicans in the majority, to essentially deny its own history and miseducate its children. The controversial vote was to change the so...
by Noel S. Anderson, Ph.D.



AFL-CIO Endorses Meek for Florida Senate

The largest labor organization in the state of Florida endorsed U. S. Senate candidate Kendrick Meek on Sunday. The AFL-CIO gave its stamp of approval to the Democratic congressman thereby handing over the union’s enormou...
by Robin Caldwell



Feds Want to End Use of Minerals That Fuel Violence in Congo

Federal officials want to take steps to discontinue use of minerals that have fueled ongoing conflict and violence in eastern Congo, according to a recent statement. Authorities met with consumer representatives from the electr...
by Bridgette Outten


Uh-oh, The Neighborhood has Changed.

Overall, we believe in the Internet as safe – like unknowing Descartesian disciples we appreciate the infinite scale of it, yet dismiss the reality of its void. We forget that it is unpredictable, inclined to think we can co...
by Charles Ellison


Rep Kendrick Meek

Meek: $25 Mil From BP Not Enough to Encourage Tourism, Give $75 Mil More

U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek, a candidate in the Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate, said $25 million set aside for advertising to lure tourists to Florida in the wake of the recent disastrous oil spill is not enough. Meek told ...
by Bridgette Outten


Intelligence Chief Resigns After Troubled Tenure

After a little more than a year as Director of National Intelligence, Dennis C. Blair has stepped down. Numerous reports note Blair’s rocky 16-month tenure and skirmishes with other top intelligence officials. ABC News wa...
by Bridgette Outten


Metropolitan A.M.E.

Historic Metropolitan AME Church Added to Endangered Sites List

The church where abolitionist Frederick Douglass gave his last speech in 1894 and where mourners gathered for Rosa Parks’ funeral more than a century later has been placed on a list for endangered sites. The Metropolitan ...
by Bridgette Outten


Rand Paul: 15 Minutes of Shame

Sigh, it seems like everyone just has to have their moment in the spotlight. Be it do-nothing celebritants, spoiled housewives, or overly tanned, intoxicated kids –it’s all about getting basking in the overexposed g...
by Sherri L. Smith



Education Secretary Pushes Agenda in New York Among Political Tension

The debate over charter schools continues on as U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan visited New York this week, bringing a federal angle to what has already been a local issue. Duncan’s trip to Brooklyn schools fanned...
by Bridgette Outten

Detroit Mayor Charges

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Campaigns To Stay Out Of Jail

Former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick hit the airwaves last week, where he talked with the Tom Joyner Morning Show Crew about the road to redemption. Kilpatrick pled guilty in 2008 to felony obstruction charges, and ultimately ...
by Kris Broughton



Judge: Civil Case Against Police Fatal Shooting of Sean Bell Can Proceed

A federal judge has ruled that a civil lawsuit against five police officers in the fatal shooting of Sean Bell can forward to trial. In the May 19 hearing — on what would have been Bell’s 27th birthday — Judge...
by Bridgette Outten

rand paul

Fighting the Unseen

While we look for tea party leaves on the federal scale, we may be missing an accumulated state and local assault that could be more elusive than our November predictions. And maybe that's the point. As Sun Tzu wrote: "Deceive ...
by Charles Ellison


state dinner

White House State Dinner is Uneventful and Smooth

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama hosted Mexican President Felipe Calderon and his wife at a state visit and dinner last night, with no visible remnants of the last state dinner — party crashers, securi...
by Bridgette Outten


Obama’s Aunt Can Finally Stay in the US

By Ruth Manuel-Logan Monday, a federal immigration judge finally granted Zeituni Onyango, President Barack Obama’s Kenyan-born aunt, asylum. The court agreed with the woman’s team of legal experts that her life c...
by aolblackvoices



The Politics Of The BP Oil Spill

Congressional hearings have taken place, President Obama has issued harsh words, Dick Cheney is now allergic to TV cameras, environmentalists are lobbying for new Pacific Coast oil drilling legislation, the White House wants to...
by Kris Broughton


Sportscaster Chris Myers Says Katrina Victims ‘Blame the Government’

By Jeff Mays Maybe Chris Myers should stick to talking about sports. There’s a lot going on these days. Lebron will be a free agent soon, the Yankees came from behind to beat the Red Sox and the Pacquio vs. Mayweath...
by aolblackvoices



Rage Against the Machine

Political hacks, cats and assorted lords of the polemic chattering class wished hard for an intense electoral drama worthy of an HBO movie plot and were all too pleased. “Mini Super Tuesday,” unveiled by observers like the...
by Charles Ellison


Obama Signs Bill to Protect Freedom of the Press Around the World

A bill signed Monday by President Barack Obama will require the State Department to list which countries around the world violate the freedom of the press. Named for murdered Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, the law i...
by Bridgette Outten



Crude Politics

Investors, Wall Street analysts and that class of individual living in the bubble of market-forces-know-best appear befuddled by the lack of rising gas prices in the wake of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. We can assume they’r...
by Charles Ellison