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Midterm GOTV: DCCC Chair Says GOP Impeachment Plays Will Boost Dems

Speaking at a press briefing Tuesday morning with reporters, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY) and “Red to Blue” chief Rep. Donna Edwards (D-MD) spoke to reporters on their efforts to reach African American voters. In three months. the midterm elections will decide the who controls the U.S. Senate and the balance of […]

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New poll: Latinos continue to worry about unemployment & face economic challenges

Last  week a new poll was released by the National Council of La Raza and Latino Decisions showing that Latinos are still feeling the effects of the recession even though the economy has been improving. Despite their worry about the economy, Latinos are still optimistic about achieving the American dream. Some of the key findings […]

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#NC: Butterfield Joins GOP Mayor at End of Medicaid Expansion Walk

North Carolina Congressman G. K. Butterfield joined Republican Mayor Adam O’Neal during the final leg of O’Neal’s 300-mile walk from Belhaven, North Carolina to Washington, DC. The Republican Mayor walked for two weeks in protest of North Carolina’s failure to expand Medicaid. As a result, a local hospital in Belhaven closed.  Rep. Butterfield, who is […]

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House Floor Tonight: CBC to Speak Against GOP #Obama Impeachment Moves

#CBCTalks. Tonight members of the Congressional Black Caucus will take to the House floor in opposition to legislation offered by House Republicans to sue President Obama. “Tonight, during the first hour of Special Order time, members of the Congressional Black Caucus will speak on halting House Republican Leadership’s efforts toward impeachment of President Barack Obama,” […]

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Legislators, Civil Rights Leaders Remain Front and Center in Tech/Telecom Space

In 1995, digital inequality based on race, gender, income and geography captured the nation’s attention:  the “digital divide.”  Over the next two decades, legislators of color and civil rights organizations have been focused on ways to address the #1 civil rights imperative of the 21st century – ensuring affordable access, adoption, and informed use of […]



America’s Rising Technocracy Should Be Built on Conciliation, Not Petty Infighting

As tensions mount, common sense and civility give way to divisive, political in-fighting.
by Angela Benton


DOL Says Unemployment at 9.6%, but Gallup Says 10.1%

Two separate jobs reports released this week present ominous signs for a sluggish economy barely able to maintain its slow recovery.
by Charles Ellison



Charter Schools: The Catalyst for Change?

Many charter schools have become fierce advocates for change. Change teachers. Change Principals. Change governing bodies.
by Britton Loftin



Artur Davis: Congressman, Gubernatorial Candidate, Attorney

After seven years in Congress and run for Governor, Artur Davis is left to pursue new career opportunities.
by Britton Loftin


Georgia “Work$” Wonders to Get Its Residents Employed

Georgia Work$ program is being leveraged to provide new job opportunities for the unemployed.
by Matt E. Stevens



November 2nd: Could Partisan Victory Spell Political Loss?

With Congressional midterms less than one month away, the fate of many hangs in the political balances.
by Charles Ellison


Richmond Appears Comfortably Ahead of Cao in First Public LA-2 Poll

As midterms approach, Cedric Richmond is even closer to gaining the Congressional seat in Louisiana's 2nd district.
by Charles Ellison



Clyburn, Becerra Urge Voter Turnout Ahead of the GOP’s ‘Pledge to America’

The midterm elections of 2010 are just as critical as the 2008 presidential race, according to two powerful Democratic members of the House of Representatives.
by Matt E. Stevens


Predatory Lending: Targeting Minority Neighborhoods

Lenders coerce and persuade targeted minorities to agree to unfair loan conditions.
by Britton Loftin



Meek, Rubio, Crist: Gloves Come Off in First FL U.S. Senate Debate

All gloves appeared to come off in Wednesday’s battle royal first debate for the open U.S. Senate seat in Florida.
by Charles Ellison


Latino Voters May Sit This Cycle Out, According to Pew Survey

Skeptical over the impact of White House or Congressional policies and hard hit by the economic downturn, many Latinos may sit out the midterm elections.
by Charles Ellison



White House Holds Community College Summit

The White House held a meeting of the Presidential Economic Recovery Advisory Board (PERAB) that unveiled ambitious initiatives for the expansion of community colleges.
by Charles Ellison


Commerce Wants to Ignite Creativity, Innovation Online

The United States Department of Commerce is conducting a review of the relationship between availability and protection of online copyrighted works.
by Alton Drew



Efforts to Strip CBC Members of Their Standing Persist with Ethics Investigations

The recent string of investigations into the conduct of various CBC members could lead one to believe that more than reasonable oversight is at play.
by Jeneba Ghatt


Calculations for the Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in America Intriguing at Best

WalletPop recently named the 25 most dangerous cities in America, and many happen to be majority minority.
by Jeneba Ghatt



More Polls Show Meek in Uphill Battle for Florida Senate

As polls continue to trickle in, Congressman Kendrick Meek is still looking to overcome the odds against him for Florida Senate.
by Charles Ellison


HHS Awards Atlanta-Area Organization $300,000 HIV Support Grant

Standing to Achieve New Directions (STAND) was awarded an annual $300,000 grant from the Department of Health and Human Services to support their local HIV testing services in Atlanta.
by Matt E. Stevens



Steele, Palin Forge Alliance to Raise Funds, Secure Political Futures

The RNC recently announced that Sarah Palin and Michael Steele will be teaming up at two major Republican fundraisers scheduled in California and Florida.
by Charles Ellison


Speculation Growing: White House Press Secretary Could Be Next DNC Chair

Twitter feeds and blogger exposés are feeding an inside-the-Beltway media frenzy over the future of Robert Gibbs, the revered and, sometimes, reviled White House press secretary.
by Charles Ellison



Rep. Donna Christensen Talks Partisanship, Healthcare and Broadband

Politic365 had the opportunity to sit down recently with Congresswoman Donna Christensen (D-VI) to discuss America's political life and culture.
by Kristal High