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Republican Senator Drops “Civil Rights and Human Rights” from Committee Name

Just Another Moment in GOP Growth and Opportunity. Just in case anyone is wondering how the new Republican controlled Senate will deal with civil rights issues, wonder no more.  There’s a new Republican Chairman of the Senate’s Judiciary Committee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights and he is making moves.  And the Republican Chairman’s […]

ferg87 Culture

Only African American on St. Louis Board of Elections Removed

“When you have a county that has at least 45 percent minority population you would hope that would be reflected on the St. Louis County Board of Elections. As of right now every single member of the St. Louis County Board of Elections is white.” Senator Chappelle-Nadal added. Ferguson? Michael Who? For those who believe “voting doesn’t […]

AC-Ferg-1 Culture

Positive Vibes From Ferguson Activists After Dinner With Black Caucus

Youth Movement.  ”Where do I start?  How about undefinable frustration? It seems we can’t even catch our breath from our first tragedy before being hit by another gut-punch from a second, third, and fourth.  The names Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, John Crawford, Tamir Rice — and countless more.  Too many more. That is the […]

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Eight Ferguson Related Bills in Congress

FERGUSON LEGISLATIVE UPDATE.  Think that Ferguson related legislation can’t pass the Republican controlled House and Senate? Think again. What is the one issue that congressional Republicans and Democrats have found rare agreement on? Criminal justice reform.   The passage of the Death in Custody Reporting Act through the Republican controlled House in 2013 demonstrated that.  The […]

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Childhood poverty: majority of U.S. public school students eligible for free or reduced lunch

Rising income inequality in the U.S. has produced a startling statistic: 51% of U.S. public school children in pre-K through 12th grade were eligible under the federal program for free and reduced-price lunches in the 2012-2013 school year according to a report from the Southern Education Foundation. The increase in needy children in the U.S. threatens […]


Group of Medical Professionals

Health Reform Act Funds $290M Loan Forgiveness Program

The Health Reform Act recently funded a national program that will enable medical students and professionals to have all of their federal loans forgiven.
by Jeneba Ghatt


Time Warner Cable, LULAC Launch Empower America Technology Center

Time Warner Cable (TWC) and the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) recently launched their Empower America Technology Center at the Su Casa Hispanic Center operated by Catholic Charities of Southwestern Ohio.
by Kristal High


house of rep for us 2011

From Low Polling to Redistricting Blues, the Landscape Looks Very Red for President

Although prognosticators, pollsters and political junkies are exhausted from the 2010 midterms, the 2012 Presidential and Congressional midterm cycle is well under way.
by Charles Ellison



Bush Book Gins Sympathy, Understanding

The issues America experiences today are dilemmas left over from difficult decisions during Bush’s watch; now he has the chance to explain his side of the story.
by Britton Loftin

Obama turkey pardon one

Presidential Pardon in Sight for Two Turkeys

Today, President Obama will follow the tradition of his predecessors by pardoning a lucky bird during the National Thanksgiving Turkey ceremony.
by Kristal High



With Burris Gone, No Black Senators Left

Senator Roland Burris (D-IL) leaves from Senate at the end of this year’s session, so what will happen to the appearance of diversity in the Senate?
by Britton Loftin


Speculation Surrounds Impact of FCC’s Next Meeting

While no one knows for sure whether an item on net neutrality or broadband reclassification will appear on the agenda of the next meeting, activity at the FCC in the last four days may indicate that some decision is imminent.
by Alton Drew



Unsettling Realities in Prince George’s County

Over a week after watching their County Executive and his wife escorted out of their home in handcuffs, the residents of Prince George’s County, Maryland are still in a state of dumbfounding shock.
by Charles Ellison


Greg Francis, Esq. on Black Farmers Settlement

After months of partisan wrangling over deficits and budget offsets, the Senate recently approved a combined $4.6 billion settlement of longstanding discrimination suits against the government on behalf of African American and ...
by Charles Ellison



A Look at the Impact of Deficit Reduction on Black Unemployment

The draft recommendation on deficit reduction issued by the co-chairs of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform has been drawing mixed reviews.
by Alton Drew


TX Birther Bill Could Signal Trouble for President in 2012

In an early sign that President Barack Obama could face major challenges to his 2012 re-election bid, a Texas state legislator recently introduced a bill that would require all presidential and vice presidential candidates to s...
by Charles Ellison



Republicans Vie for RNC Control, Presidential Power

Internal political party battles for control of the party’s purse, people and resources are predictions of who desires to control the party and for what purpose.
by Britton Loftin


Tim Scott’s Plum Spot in the GOP Caucus

As expected, Representative-elect Tim Scott (R-SC) snagged himself a leadership post in the Republican caucus.
by Charles Ellison



Waters’ Ethics Trial Delayed Indefinitely

The House Ethics Committee recently delayed the adjudicatory trial of Rep. Maxine Waters in a surprise move that adds more drama and intrigue to the ensuing ethics woes involving African American Members of Congress.
by Charles Ellison


Michelle Obama Champions Let’s Move During New Jersey Visit

First Lady Michelle Obama recently visited a New Jersey school and honored the students as being shining examples of her “Let’s Move” initiative.
by Jeneba Ghatt



The Political Peril of Deficit Reduction

Deficit cutting, while sounding good on the election stump, is fraught with political land mines for both Democrats and Republicans according to a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll.
by Charles Ellison


GM Signals End of Bailout with IPO

With President Barack Obama touting it as a “success story,” General Motors re-launched itself this week from the ashes of bankruptcy and government bailout by issuing an initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchan...
by Charles Ellison



Color of Change Challenges Rush’s Bid for Ranking Member

James Rucker, Executive Director of ColorofChange.org, sent a letter to U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosirequesting her opposition to Congressman Bobby Rush’s candidacy for Ranking Member of the House Communications, Technology...
by Navarrow Wright


A PROMISE for Our Children

The Youth PROMISE Act would fund prevention and intervention programs like mentoring and job training to curb youth and gang violence.
by Guest Contributor



House Ethics Committee Votes for Censure of Rangel

Despite passionate and humble pleas of leniency from Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY), the full House Ethics Committee this week voted to censure the once powerful Harlem lawmaker.
by Charles Ellison