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#Ferguson: Rep. Hank Johnson’s Police Demilitarization Bill Gets GOP Support

Three Republicans have signed on to Rep. Hank Johnson’s (D-GA) bill to stop handing free military equipment to local  police.  The three Republicans are Reps. Raul Labrador (R-ID), Tom McClintock (R-CA) and Justin Amash (R-IL).  The bill was formally introduced today.  Democrats John Conyers and Jim Moran are also co-sponsors.    Rep. Johnson says he expects […]

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Members of Congress Vocal on Ray Rice Go Silent Federal Judge Mark Fuller

After Roland Martin shined a spotlight on Alabama Judge Mark Fuller, Congresswoman Terri Sewell became the first member of Congress to call for the federal judge’s resignation.  Why? Because in the wake of the scandal over Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, Fuller, a federal judge, is in the midsts of a domestic violence scandal. Federal […]

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CA State Sen. Roderick Wright to resign this month, following criminal conviction

California State Senator Roderick Wright (D-Inglewood) announced on Monday that he would resign from the state legislature effective September 22. This comes after being convicted for felony perjury and voting fraud charges for lying about living in his Senate district when he ran back in 2008. According to the Los Angeles Times: “”Effective Sept. 22, […]

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Iowa: DREAMers Ask Hillary About Immigration, Get No Answers

DREAMers asked Hillary Clinton about the issue of President Obama’s latest delay on immigration.  Clinton, along with her husband, were in Iowa today at Sen. Harkin’s famous 37th (and final) annual Steak Fry in Iowa.  The event was first held on a farm in Iowa and quickly became the signature political event in Iowa. A group of […]

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Rep. Frederica Wilson Meets with Nigerian Schoolgirls Who Escaped Boko Haram

Despite a change in the news cycle that has featured ISIS, Ray Rice and Ferguson, Miami Congresswoman Frederica Wilson fights to keep the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls in the news. After the kidnappings, Wilson spearheaded a bill to denounce Boko Haram. Wilson also flew to Nigeria to meet parents of the girls. This week on Capitol Hill — Rep. Wilson […]



Juan Williams’ NPR Firing Heats Up the Twitterverse

The Internet is all a-twitter with talk of Juan William's release from his NPR contract over controversial remarks earlier in the week.
by Politic365 Staff


Reflective, Obama Looking Past Nov. 2nd in Telling Interviews

As midterms approach, President Obama waxes philosophical on his accomplishments of the past two years and on what is to come in the years yet ahead.
by Charles Ellison



With Big Focus on Black Voter Turnout, DNC Raises Hefty Sums in October

The DNC is rallying substantial financial support in the days before the Nov. 2 midterm elections.
by Charles Ellison



While GOP Ahead in Polls, Some Mixed Nuggets of Hope for Dems

Though Democrats are currently trending behind in the latest generic election polls, glimmers of hope remain for Nov. 2 and beyond.
by Charles Ellison


Georgia Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond Pushes for U.S. Senate Win

Overcoming odds has been a recurring theme in the political life of Georgia’s U.S. Senate candidate, Michael Thurmond.
by Matt E. Stevens



Gubernatorial Races Could Impact New Congressional Districting

While many are eying how the midterm election will turn out for Congressional House and Senate seats, others are keeping close tabs on the gubernatorial races which will have an outcome on redistricting.
by Jeneba Ghatt


America’s Culture of Poverty and the Income Divide

According to the United States Census, poverty in the US is at an all time high, consisting of 43.6 million people who make up 14.3 percent of the population.
by Britton Loftin



Anita Hill, Good Morning, It’s Ginni Thomas

Though dead, yet does the controversy surrounding the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings live, at least in the mind of the head of the conservative Liberty Central lobby, Mrs. Clarence Thomas.
by Britton Loftin

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Obama Helps Tighten Races in PA, MD

Two recent polls in the neighboring states of Maryland and Pennsylvania show both a caustic gubernatorial race and a crucial U.S. Senate race getting much tighter than previously shown.
by Charles Ellison



TV War Rages On, Fox Cuts Cable Access to Online Programming

Unable to reach a retransmission consent agreement, Newscorp, FOX's parent company, pulled the plug on Cablevision customers awaiting access to programming.
by Jeneba Ghatt


FL Senate and Gubernatorial Races in Two Different Directions

With midterms rapidly approaching, political sentiment in Florida is shifting in interesting ways.
by Charles Ellison



Facebook Privacy Breach Exemplifies Possible Downside Of “Openness”

Congress is now raising questions about Facebook’s reported breach of its online users’ privacy.
by Alton Drew

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GOP Lead Holds Steady In Polls, Generic Ballots

The most recent generic Gallup tracking polls show Republicans ahead in surveys by 5 points among registered voters and up to 17 points ahead among “likely voters.”
by Charles Ellison



Candidate Sinkfield Presses to Change the Focus of the GA-Secy. of State’s Office

Georganna Sinkfield hopes to bring a stronger focus on citizens to Georgia's Secretary of State Office.
by Matt E. Stevens


Obama Emphasizes Importance of Voter Turnout At Midterms

As part of the DNC's effort to reach critical voters in advance of the midterms, President Obama implores people to get out and vote on November 2.
by Kristal High



Emanuel Shows Fundraising Edge, but Tough Battle Ahead in Chicago

Sources close to Democratic Chicago Mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel claim that the former White House chief of staff has raked in more than $3.6 million in campaign funding.
by Charles Ellison


Early Voting Ramps Up With Midterms Around The Corner

More than half the US is already engaged in early voting leading up to the November 2nd elections.
by Kristal High


Kendrick Meek 2

Meek Looking for Last Minute Game Change

Congressman Kendrick Meek is embarking upon an upset campaign that rivals his primary victory over Jeff Green in order to win the Florida Senate race in fifteen days.
by Charles Ellison

Obama and family Columbus Ohio 11-1-2008

Obamas Set Crowd Record At The Ohio State University

In his 11th visit to the state of Ohio, President Obama appeared with one of his biggest supporters and a crowd favorite, First Lady Michelle Obama.
by Matt E. Stevens


Alan Flores, Romeo Gumpal

Where Do People Think Gov’t Workers Come From?

Demonizing government workers, especially teachers and unionized public sector bureaucrats, is the newest political fad.
by Charles Ellison