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#HandsUpDontSpend: Pastor Jamal Bryant Urges Economic Boycott Ferguson Protest

Nov. 27 to Dec. 2nd. Baltimore based Pastor Jamal Bryant has kicked off an economic protest/boycott set to take place from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday.  The economic boycott is a way to protest the lack of prosecution of Ferguson, Mo., Police Officer Darren Wilson in the killing of teenager Michael Brown. The protest would last from […]

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Activists gear up for Dec. 3 protests to highlight US role in funding Mexican security forces

As activists in Mexico have been protesting for weeks to draw attention to the 43 missing students from the Mexican state of Guerrero, their counterparts here in the United States are gearing up for an action on December 3 to draw the American public’s attention to the role that its tax dollars play in the […]

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Marion Barry (1936-2014) and Summer Jobs

From the suites to the streets. Early this morning former Washington, D.C. Mayor and current Ward 8 Councilman Marion Barry died.   In an age of gridlock where many members of Congress brag about flying back and fourth from home to Washington, D.C. and get paid for doing nothing, Barry is remembered by many residents […]

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A Powerful Week for the Black Caucus

SEVEN UP. It was a fascinating week for the Congressional Black Caucus.  Perhaps one of their best days since four Black Caucus members became Committee Chairman in January 2009. The week started with New Jersey Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ) winning the top Democratic spot on the Energy and Commerce Committee.  What would normally have been a […]

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iAmerica.org launches as a resource for administrative relief

As President Obama announces his plan to provide administrative relief to millions of undocumented immigrants this evening, organizations are gearing up for an influx of questions from those who might be eligible for relief from deportation. iAmerica.org is one website that is launching today in partnership with organizations such as Mi Familia Vota, SEIU, the […]



Michael Steele’s Last Stand

Conventional wisdom would dictate that all things political look good for Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele.
by Charles Ellison


Would African Americans Benefit From Cap and Trade?

With last week’s Republican victory in the U.S. House of Representatives, cap and trade legislation may remain in limbo, bearing some sort of impact on communities of color.
by Alton Drew



President Obama Announces Three Federal Agency Nominations

Three federal agencies have received nominations from President Obama for key posts this week.
by Matt E. Stevens



St. Paul Elects First Black Legislators

Despite St. Paul’s twelve percent African American populations, the city has never elected black legislators until this year.
by Britton Loftin


GOP Discipline Being Tested by Tea Party Resolve

Signs of internal strains emerge in the GOP as Tea Party-backed Members and other ultra-conservatives pose leadership challenges outside the anticipated post-election protocol.
by Charles Ellison



Clyburn Racks Up Endorsements In Race for No. 2 House Spot

Congressman James E. Clyburn, the highest ranking Black person in the U.S. Congress and a timely endorser of President Barack Obama, is facing one of the toughest political battle of his career.
by Jeneba Ghatt


The Face of Leadership: Stefanie L. Brown

At twenty-nine years of age, Stefanie Louise Brown has dedicated her life to empowering people of color to organize and advocate for justice and equality in their communities.
by Kristal High



President Obama Announces Ambassador Nominees, Federal Salary Council Appointees

A week after the election, the White House is conducting business as usual as they seek to fill ambassador roles and staff an important presidential advisory group.
by Matt E. Stevens


GOP Holds All the Cards for Redistricting

Republicans made major gains in the state houses last week, snatching 675 state legislature seats and flipping a total of 19 state capital chambers.
by Charles Ellison



National Urban League Forecasts Urban Jobs Outlook

The National Urban League held an online session about the state of the urban job market in the wake of the latest Department of Labor unemployment statistics.
by Jeneba Ghatt


Pelosi Wants Clyburn/Hoyer Deal, Jackson, Jr. Weighs In

What started out as friendly competition for the No. 2 leadership post in the new minority between current House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) and House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) is beginning to turn very sour ver...
by Charles Ellison



Senate GOP Leaders May Entice Conservative Senate Dems

Looking to close the slim 53 Democrat to 47 GOP Member gap in the upper chamber, there are reports of Republican leadership quietly approaching conservative Democrats from openly “red” states about party switching.
by Charles Ellison


Clyburn Rallies Support In Bid for House Minority Whip

The contest to shape the leadership roster of the Democratic caucus in the 112th Congress is well underway on Capitol Hill and in the media.
by Matt E. Stevens



Voter Buy-In Dictates Candidate Success Rates

Given recent trends, voter apathy and lack of participation by the African American electorate can be attributed to lackluster investments by political leaders of positive energy into the black community.
by Britton Loftin


Bush Memoir “Decision Points” Less Contrite than Self-Affirming

Former President George W. Bush’s newly released memoir “Decision Points” is creating a stir of curiosity mixed with some interesting revisions on major events from his Presidency.
by Charles Ellison


Congressional Black Caucus Speaks On TARP Access For Minority Vendors

CBC Grows, But Influence In Question Amid Midterm Losses

Though CBC membership increases from 41 to 44 post-midterms, the leadership roles of many in hangs in the balances. With 100% of its Members currently Democrats, the loss of Democratic majority ensures the loss of direct Afr...
by Charles Ellison


Harris, Cooley Head to Head in A.G. Race, Ballots Still Outstanding

The race for California’s Attorney General remains one of the tightest and most closely watched in the nation, with a Florida-style ballot counting that is creating a tension as thick as the midterm elections last Tuesday.
by Charles Ellison



Alaska Ballot Counting Leaves Senate Race Uncertain for Weeks

Ballot rubber meets the campaign road as Alaska prepares to count 30,000 absentee and early-cast ballots nearly a week after one of the most bizarre and hotly contested U.S. Senate races ever.
by Charles Ellison


Boehner et al. Evading Progress, Relitigating Issues of the Past

Despite a climate of anxiety related to continued unemployment and economic distress, certain members of Congress seem intent on rehashing the same issues of the last two years.
by Charles Ellison


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Broadband Gaps Not Based on Socio-Economics Alone

A new study released today revealed that socio-economic factors like income and education alone are not predictors of home broadband adoption.
by Kristal High