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Conservative Silence on #EricGarner Case Verifies Black Outreach is a Joke

Eric Garner and Conservative Republican silence.  Where is the shouting about “less government?”  Where are the calls for violations of 4th Amendment rights and police state overreach? Was there conservative support for Cliven Bundy? Sure. For Eric Garner those same calls are no where to be found. Reince Pribus’ effort on Black outreach would appear […]

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Report: Obama administration warned of Central American refugee crisis

Over the weekend, the Washington Post published an article detailing the extent that the Obama administration was warned of the surge of child refugees from Central America. The upshot is that the administration treated the increase in unaccompanied minors as a localized problem and was focused more on political considerations than alleviating the situation when […]

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Pigs Fly During Do-Nothing Congress: Chaka Fattah, Gillibrand + GOP Pass Urban Jobs Bill

Last week as everyone was paying attention to the crisis at the Mexican border, violence in Israel, and shootings in Chicago, Congress actually got something relevant done.  Although the 113th Congress is set to be the least productive Congress since 1965, a jobs bill passed last week and is on the President’s desk. In terms […]

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D.C. Council Set to Ban Expelling Pre-Schoolers From Publicly Funded Programs

You would think that suspending or expelling a 3 yearly who threw a tantrum from a program would be unthinkable right?  But in Washington, D.C. — just like in so many other cities — officials have to act to pass laws to stop the practice. The habit of getting expelling kids for misbehavior, and even […]

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New York Firefighter Danae Mines Makes History

Only one of 41 women in the 11,000 member New York City Fire Department, Bronx native Danae Mines knew that she would be a long shot participant in the department’s annual calendar that typically only features men. Cover photos of New York City’s buff bravest have been an exciting feature of the calendar.  But Mines tried […]



Commerce Wants to Ignite Creativity, Innovation Online

The United States Department of Commerce is conducting a review of the relationship between availability and protection of online copyrighted works.
by Alton Drew


Efforts to Strip CBC Members of Their Standing Persist with Ethics Investigations

The recent string of investigations into the conduct of various CBC members could lead one to believe that more than reasonable oversight is at play.
by Jeneba Ghatt



Calculations for the Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in America Intriguing at Best

WalletPop recently named the 25 most dangerous cities in America, and many happen to be majority minority.
by Jeneba Ghatt



More Polls Show Meek in Uphill Battle for Florida Senate

As polls continue to trickle in, Congressman Kendrick Meek is still looking to overcome the odds against him for Florida Senate.
by Charles Ellison


HHS Awards Atlanta-Area Organization $300,000 HIV Support Grant

Standing to Achieve New Directions (STAND) was awarded an annual $300,000 grant from the Department of Health and Human Services to support their local HIV testing services in Atlanta.
by Matt E. Stevens



Steele, Palin Forge Alliance to Raise Funds, Secure Political Futures

The RNC recently announced that Sarah Palin and Michael Steele will be teaming up at two major Republican fundraisers scheduled in California and Florida.
by Charles Ellison


Speculation Growing: White House Press Secretary Could Be Next DNC Chair

Twitter feeds and blogger exposés are feeding an inside-the-Beltway media frenzy over the future of Robert Gibbs, the revered and, sometimes, reviled White House press secretary.
by Charles Ellison



Rep. Donna Christensen Talks Partisanship, Healthcare and Broadband

Politic365 had the opportunity to sit down recently with Congresswoman Donna Christensen (D-VI) to discuss America's political life and culture.
by Kristal High


On the Ground with the Alliance for Digital Equality

During the Alliance for Digital Equalit's Broadband Empowerment summit, Politic365 had the opportunity to chat with some key leadership about the power and importance of broadband.
by Kristal High



Restore, Reclaim, Unite: Protesting the Sameness of Our Condition

As various groups rally around their divergent views, the well-being of our nation's citizenry continues to dwindle.
by Charles Ellison

Article12 One Nation Working Together

‘One Nation Working Together’ Rally Pushes for More Inclusive Liberal Politics

Liberal voices came together this weekend to give a voice to working class, activist community of America.
by Matt E. Stevens


Joint Session of the United States Congress

November Tea Leaves Not All That Wilted for Dems

Come November 2nd, Democratic losses in Congress may not be as grim as some early predictions project.
by Charles Ellison


Bishop Eddie Long’s Accuser Reveals His Story

Jamal Parris, one of four accusers of Bishop Eddie Long, recently spoke out against the
by Politic365 Staff



Cedric Richmond, Gaining Traction, Runs Obama Ad in Louisiana

Cedric Richmond rolled out a new ad on Sunday featuring President Obama.
by Charles Ellison


MMTC: Minority Interests At Stake After Failed Waxman Legislation

After Rep. Henry A. Waxman was unable to pass net neutrality legislation, MMTC explained its disappointment and concern for minority businesses.
by Kristal High



Rep. Bennie Thompson Keeps it Real on Broadband, Energy and Defense

During our interview with Congressman Thompson, we had the opportunity to discuss some of the most important issues looming on the horizon for our country.
by Kristal High


Majority Whip James Clyburn on CBC: “We Pass Bills”

Majority Whip James Clyburn set the record straight about the important place of the CBC in modern politics.
by Kristal High



Sheila Jackson-Lee, Emanuel Cleaver Looking to Lead CBC

There are reports and whispers from Capitol Hill that a quiet campaign may be afoot between Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX) and Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) for Chair of the 41-Member Congressional Black Caucus.
by Charles Ellison


Ryan Frazier Tightening Up Colorado’s 7th District Congressional Race

Aurora City Councilman Ryan Frazier may be a more likely victor in Colorado's 7th Congressional District race than some may think.
by Charles Ellison



Rahm Emanuel’s Departure from White House Now Official

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel officially tendered his resignation to focus full-time on his bid for the Chicago's Mayoral post.
by Charles Ellison