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Lorretta Johnson: Breaking Barriers and Uniting Educators

For the last 50 years, Lorretta Johnson has advocated for educators across the country. Her journey has taken her to the poorest neighborhoods in the United States, to the Rose Garden of the White House, and all around the world. Even as the American Federation of Teachers’ and the AFL-CIO’s highest-ranking woman of color, Johnson […]

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Voto Latino Innovators Challenge: the tech competition to address problems in the Latino community

Today in Washington, D.C. a group of young Latinos will present their technology related projects that address problems in the Latino community to a panel of judges. In recent years, the lack of diversity in the technology industry has been covered in the press. Major technology companies still tend to be dominated by white males. […]

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Protecting and Advancing Florida’s Position as a Technology Leader

By David Grain, Founder and Managing Partner, Grain Management, LLC In the aftermath of the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) historic vote on net neutrality, policymakers in Washington will continue to debate how to protect the openness and vitality of the transformative medium called the Internet. A broad consensus has emerged over the need for new […]

MD-Senate Culture

A Black U.S. Senator from Maryland?

Sen. Edwards, Sen. Cummings, Sen. Alsobrooks, Sen. Blake or Sen. Brown? With today’s announcement from Senator Barbara Mikuski (D-MD) that she will retire in 2016, there is a wide open opportunity for a Black Democrat in a very blue state to be elected to the U.S. Senate.  In a year where Hillary Clinton is likely to […]

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Losing 2016: Republicans Change Nothing on Immigration

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said it all pretty clearly in January 2013.  Clearly some in the Republican party were not listening.  Instead, Republicans appear to be “strategizing” to make Hispanic voters a even bigger more committed voting bloc. Regarding the GOP’s Growth and Opportunity Project, an outreach effort to minorities, announced by Priebus […]



FCC’s Powell Explores Impact of Telecom Policy on Jobs, Investment and Economy

Former FCC Chairman Michael Powell recently made projections about the economic drivers of the future and described the impact of communications policy on investment.
by Jeneba Ghatt


Democratic Lawmakers Offer Support of Tax Cuts and Unemployment Benefits

Despite criticism by some, Democratic lawmakers are lining up in support of President Obama's Tax Agreement.
by Matt E. Stevens



Fattah’s Hopes as Appropriations Chair Dashed by CBC

Hopes were dashed this week when the Congressional Black Caucus endorsed Norm Dicks, who has served in the House since 1976, for Appropriations Chair over Chaka Fattah.
by Charles Ellison



North California ACLU Examines Disparities in Justice System

A report by the Northern California ACLU shows that major metropolitan area courts tend to exclude minority participation in jury pools.
by Britton Loftin

Britain Student Protest

Tensions Flare in UK as Tuition About to Rise

Thousands of students staged a massive protest outside British Parliament in defiance of a vote by the House of Commons to triple tuition fees at English universities.
by Charles Ellison


Harry Reid, Christopher Dodd, Judd Gregg, Mitch McConnell

House of Representatives Passes the DREAM Act; Senate Stalls with Filibuster

A late night filibuster stalls passage of the DREAM Act in the Senate.
by Matt E. Stevens


House Dems Revolt Against Tax Cut Deal

Capitol Hill was full of surprises this week as a batallion of House Democrats openly revolted against the proposed tax cut deal between President Barack Obama and Senate Republicans.
by Charles Ellison



Waters Withdraws Resolution, Wants Public Debate

In a new twist, Rep. Maxine Waters issued an eleventh hour statement indicating her intent to withdraw the privileged resolution regarding the House Ethics Committee's actions.
by Charles Ellison


Gaskins Releases Personal Finance Kit

Renowned financial consultant Toussaint Gaskins has released “The Personal Finance Kit: The Practical Management Resource Guide.”
by Kristal High



Waters Hits Ethics Committee With Resolution

Intensifying her public relations offensive against the House Ethics Committee, Rep. Maxine Waters has entered a “privileged resolution” seeking investigation into the Ethics Committee practices and procedures.
by Charles Ellison


Are Black People Leaving Oakland and the Bay Area?

“State of Blacks in the Bay” is a study commissioned by Blacks in Bay Area Philanthropy.
by Britton Loftin



Questions About Obama’s Calmness Linger Amid Partisan Posturing

Abe Markman, recipient of The New York Society for Ethical Culture 2010 Community Service Award, opines on President Obama's use of power in partisan politics.
by Guest Contributor


Two Million African American Families to Benefit from Child, Earned Income Credits

President Barack Obama recently released a fact sheet providing some details on a proposed tax cut framework agreed upon by the White House and Congressional leaders.
by Alton Drew



Deadlocked Elections in Cote d’Ivoire Prompt Worries Over Renewed Conflict

In the aftermath of a contentious Presidential election, reports out of the West African nation of Cote d'Ivoire this week show both major candidates claiming victory.
by Charles Ellison


Midterms Finally End With Decision in NY House Race

The 2010 political calendar did not end until Dec. 8 as the last of a handful of contested House races was decided by the concession of a Republican opponent in New York’s 1st Congressional district.
by Charles Ellison



Obama Administration Urges Passage of the DREAM Act

The Obama Administration has signaled its support of legislation that would carve a path to citizenship for youth and young adults who were brought to the United States illegally.
by Matt E. Stevens

U.S. President Barack Obama gives an impromptu news conference in the briefing room of the White House in Washington

President Responds to Tension Over His Middle Class Tax Compromise

The President responded to rumblings of dissension among some members of his party over the proposed agreement he brokered over tax cuts and unemployment benefits.
by Jeneba Ghatt



Steele Faces More Opposition

Facing persistent questions about financial mismanagement and dismal fundraising numbers during the 2010 election cycle, RNC Chair Michael Steele’s run for a second term just got more complicated.
by Charles Ellison


The President … Gets Presidential

Conventional wisdom now points to President Barack Obama as a tenacious moderate, besieged by emboldened Republicans on his right and mutinous Democrats to his left.
by Charles Ellison



New Orleans’ Charter School Experiement

In order to regain footing, New Orleans will need to make an extraordinary effort towards rebuilding its infrastructure, with much emphasis placed on a fledgling public school system.
by Charles Ellison