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Supreme Court is allowing Texas to use strict voter ID law in Nov. election

On Saturday, the Supreme Court gave Texas the approval to move forward with implementing a strict voter identification law in the upcoming midterm election. Adam Liptak for The New York Times wrote: “The law, enacted in 2011, requires voters seeking to cast their ballots at the polls to present photo identification like a Texas driver’s […]

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Noerdlinger Obsession Verifies NY Reporters Make Way Under $170,000

“It’s none of your f—ing business.” — New York City Mayor Ed Koch.  If you want to learn every detail of every parking ticket or unpaid debt of the Chief of Staff of the wife of the Mayor of New York and her boyfriend, boy do I have a story for you.  Rudy and Judy Nathan […]

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Rising Wireless Taxes Could Jeopardize Mobile Use

Economist Scott Mackey, in conjunction with the Tax Foundation, an independent tax policy research organization, recently released Wireless Taxation in the United States 2014. On average, each month when people pay their wireless bills, roughly 17% of their total cost goes to state and local taxes, the study finds. Washington (18.6%), Nebraska (18.48%), New York (17.74%), […]

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Republicans Release Willie Horton Type Ad to Help Rep. Lee Terry Get Elected

Breaking News: Republicans release race-baiting Willie Horton style ad less than three weeks before election day.  Bet you could have never guessed that would happen.  Even though the headline at The Hill reads “NRCC releases Willie Horton-style ad in Nebraska House race,” the ad in question is perhaps worse than the infamous 1988 ad.  Lee […]

kasich6 National

Black Paper in Ohio Endorses Republican for Governor

  OHIO. The Call & Post, a historic Black newspaper established in Cleveland in 1928, endorsed Republican John Kasich for Governor over the Democrat in the race.  Instead of just rubber stamping their endorsement, like so many newspapers on the left and right do (looking at you Richmond Times Dispatch), the Call & Post detailed out their […]



How Will GOP Treat Black Republicans in Congress?

With midterm elections in full swing, one wonders what the reception will be like on Capitol Hill for any newly minted Black Republican Congressman able to rise above the political fray.
by Charles Ellison

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A Look At the Landscape As Midterms Loom Large

With midterms less than twenty-four hours away, Politic365.com takes a look at key races and the candidates to beat.
by Charles Ellison



New York Cablevision Residents Get Fox Signals Restored

After two weeks without access to FOX television stations, Cablevision customers in New York finally got their programming back.
by Jeneba Ghatt



Hip Hop Leaders Russell Simmons, Common Encourage Young Blacks to Vote

In an effort to spur increased voter enthusiasm, the DNC has engaged musicians and cultural icons to help promote the importance of the Nov. 2 midterm elections.
by Jeneba Ghatt


Rail Between Atlanta and Charlotte Looks Promising with New Funds

The Charlotte-Atlanta Rail Corridor Plan is part of a larger Obama Administration initiative from the Recovery Act that started with an $8 billion investment in American railways.
by Matt E. Stevens



Stewart/Colbert Rally Eclipses Beck’s “Rally to Restore Honor”

Comedy Central’s “Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear” hosted by political comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert rocked the National Mall in Washington, D.C.
by Charles Ellison


Monds Warns Ga. Voters to Expect Nothing New from GOP, Democrats

John Monds, Libertarian candidate for Georgia Governor, may offer something new for Blacks who face historically higher unemployment rates both in the state and nationwide.
by Alton Drew



Envisioning Opportunity, Rev. Jackson Pushes Forward With Broadband Agenda

Rev. Jesse Jackson offers reflections about the high stakes political games impacting his life’s work, framing his traditional civil rights sermon within a 21st century framework of technology access and media ownership.
by Charles Ellison


The Embarrassing Saga of Clarence Thomas

The unfortunate aspect of the latest string of allegations against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is that he’s the only African American Supreme Court Justice.
by Charles Ellison



Oprah To Interview Pres. Bush on New Memoir

Oprah Winfrey has secured the second prime time television interview with former President George W. Bush to discuss his post-Presidency book Decision Points.
by Charles Ellison


Encouraging Government Procurement of Minority Tech Start-Ups

Steps have been taken in the right direction, but there is much more the government can do to foster innovation and opportunity in the tech space for minority populations.
by Navarrow Wright



Democrats See Enthusiasm Gap Closing As Midterms Near

With five days to go before a crucial mid-term election, the Democratic party is optimistic about expected turn out of African American voters.
by Alton Drew


Jon Stewart Named AskMen.com’s “Most Influential Man” of 2010

Jon Stewart was recently named 2010’s Most Influential Man on the AskMen.com’s Top 49 Most Influential Men list.
by Charles Ellison



Paul Supporter Faces Criminal Charges, Blames Victim and Police

Timothy Profitt, 53, who infamously stomped a MoveOn.org activist in the head before a recent debate, was charged with fourth-degree assault by Lexington, KY police.
by Charles Ellison


Slovenia Elects Its First Black Mayor – Maybe First in Eastern Europe

In the Eastern European country of Slovenia, the small coastal city of Piran elected its first Black mayor, Ghanaian-born physician Peter Bossman.
by Charles Ellison



FTC Requires Energy Consumption Disclosure for Televisions

The Federal Trade Commission yesterday released a final rule requiring that manufacturers post labels on televisions that tell consumers how much energy a television is expected to consume over a year.
by Alton Drew


Punishment for Drug Offenses Beats Murder Wrap

A Mississippi man was recently sentenced to 100 years in prison for various drug charges.
by Britton Loftin



Two-Day Blacks in Foreign Policy Symposium At Boston University

The African American Studies Department at Boston University is convening a two-day symposium titled “African Americans and U.S. Foreign Policy.”
by Charles Ellison


Atlanta City Councilman Employs the Homeless Through Local Program

In Atlanta, one local leader has moved beyond rhetoric to confront the economic realities of the homeless population.
by Matt E. Stevens


michael steele-thumb

RNC Chair Steele Stumping in Harlem on the Heels of Midterms

Days before the most contentious Congressional midterm in recent political history, Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele is discovered stumping about for Black Republicans.
by Charles Ellison