Huppenthal Education

AZ Superintendent who pushed ban on Mexican American studies loses GOP primary

On Tuesday, Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal lost in the primary election. This defeat came after Huppenthal admitted to making offensive comments on blogs under a pseudonym saying that welfare recipients were “lazy pigs,” compared the work of Planned Parenthood to the Nazis, and saying that Spanish language media should be shut down. […]

FERG Culture

Third Insane Incident of Brutality Involving #Ferguson Police Surfaces

For a small police force of only 53 people, the Ferguson Police Department’s officers appear to have a talent for being involved in alleged incidents of misconduct and brutality that are the catalyst of lawsuits. In three separate incidents brought to light in the media, the Ferguson Police Department is not called to the scene […]

Cops1 Culture

Police Brutality: National Bar Assoc. to Target 25 Cities for Records

Next Monday, the National Bar Association will start filing open records requests in cities with a bad history regarding police brutality.   Those cities are: Birmingham, AL, Little Rock, AR, Phoenix, AZ; Los Angeles, CA; San Jose, CA; Washington, DC; Jacksonville, FL; Miami, FL; Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Louisville, KY; Baltimore, MD; Detroit, MI; Kanas City, MO; St. Louis, MO; Charlotte, NC; Las Vegas, NV; New York City, NY; Cleveland, OH; Memphis, TN; Philadelphia, PA; Dallas, […]

maxine3 National

St. Louis Native Rep. Maxine Waters: Honor Mike Brown But Take Action

Yesterday at Peacefest in St. Louis, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), who is originally from St. Louis, told the crowd to honor Michael Brown by taking action.   Voter registration has been a major theme in the weeks after the shooting death of Brown, which happened on Saturday, August 9. Trayvon Martin’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy […]

hands-up Culture

#Ferguson: Past is Prologue

“America, that has been ringing the bells of the world, proclaiming to the nations and the peoples thereof that she has democracy to give to all and sundry…America that has arraigned Turkey at the bar of public opinion and public justice against the massacres of the Armenians, has herself no satisfaction to give 12,000,000 of […]


Kendrick Meek 2

Meek Looking for Last Minute Game Change

Congressman Kendrick Meek is embarking upon an upset campaign that rivals his primary victory over Jeff Green in order to win the Florida Senate race in fifteen days.
by Charles Ellison

Obama and family Columbus Ohio 11-1-2008

Obamas Set Crowd Record At The Ohio State University

In his 11th visit to the state of Ohio, President Obama appeared with one of his biggest supporters and a crowd favorite, First Lady Michelle Obama.
by Matt E. Stevens


Alan Flores, Romeo Gumpal

Where Do People Think Gov’t Workers Come From?

Demonizing government workers, especially teachers and unionized public sector bureaucrats, is the newest political fad.
by Charles Ellison



Is Lady Justice the Arbiter of the New Jim Crow?

A simple review of the facts of incarceration raise questions about whether it is the modern tool of discrimination against African Americans.
by Britton Loftin

State Unemployment Florida

Study Finds Sobering Unemployment Numbers for Blacks in D.C.

The D.C. Fiscal Policy Institute recently released a sobering analysis of the recession’s impact on African Americans in the nation’s capital.
by Charles Ellison



Rhee Exits, But Fenty Write-in Campaign Churns

As Michelle Rhee moves on, questions abound regarding the fate of Mayor Fenty and DCPS.
by Charles Ellison


Rep. Sanford Bishop Finds Lead In Georgia Race

Rep. Sanford Bishop could be breathing sighs of relief weeks ahead of Election Day as a recent poll shows him with a comfortable 10 point lead ahead of Republican challenger State Rep. Mike Keown.
by Charles Ellison



President Obama’s ‘Conversation’ with Youth Covers Wealth of Current Issues

President Barack Obama spent an informative hour on Thursday fielding questions from a group of young people.
by Matt E. Stevens

Obama Michigan degree-thumb-360x235

Does Social Status Or Educational Pedigree Trump In Politics?

In determining qualifications for the people who lead us, educational pedigree may color the way we feel about prospective candidates.
by Jeneba Ghatt



Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies: African American Voters are Key

In a competitive district, when a strong street plan is developed and executed to turn African American votes, Democrats do well.
by Britton Loftin


November Midterms: Is It Really That Bad For Dems?

As the Congressional midterms heat up, there is a growing battle between polls and prognosticators about what will happen exactly.
by Charles Ellison



Voluntary EEOC Questionnaire Data: Let’s Take A Look

Any individual should be able to go to the EEOC website or Data.gov and view “Voluntary EEOC Questionnaire” data.
by Britton Loftin

Barack Obama

Playing the Race Card for Political Advantage: Who Has “Our” Back?

In recent months, Democrats have pulled a respectable amount of political capital to energize the African American vote, their most reliable voting bloc to date.
by Charles Ellison



Fee Disputes Could Interrupt Your Monday Night Football

Bloomberg News is reporting that disputes “over fees have caused five blackouts this year, the most since 2000.
by Jeneba Ghatt

Picture 6

BET.com Live Streams President Obama’s Town Hall Meeting

Today at 4pm, BET, MTV, and CMT will be broadcasting a live town hall meeting between President Obama and 250 youth of different racial make ups, political beliefs, and backgrounds. Read more to watch Live on Politic365!
by Sherri L. Smith



Google Continues Its Foray Into Energy

Google, Inc., will invest billions of dollars over the next decade in deepwater transmission lines.
by Alton Drew


80 Years to Closing the Student Loan Debt Gap

Comparing achievement gaps between ethnic groups, African Americans tend to be saddled with greater student loan debt than their peers.
by Britton Loftin



IL GOP Senate Candidate Accused of “Voter Suppression”

Allegations abound as Republican nominee Mark Kirk frantically fends off charges that he is conducting a racially-charged “voter fraud” monitoring effort.
by Charles Ellison

Michelle Obama in Florida

First Lady Campaigns for Candidates Ahead of Midterm Elections

First Lady Michelle Obama is hitting the campaign trail in an effort to help secure Democratic victory in the midterm elections.
by Matt E. Stevens



MMTC Seeks to Preserve Free and Open Internet in FCC Filing

Several National Organizations filed comments before the Federal Communications Commission in the Open Internet Proceeding.
by Navarrow Wright