Internet Taxation: Why It Matter in the Open Internet Debate

TAXATION – the one word that makes the average American cringe at its mention.  There’s income taxes, corporate taxes, Social Security taxes, property taxes and sales taxes to name a few. However, how would you feel if...
by Charlyn Stanberry


Open Internet: FCC Chair proposes reclassifying the internet as a public utility

Today the Chair of the Federal Communications Commission, Tom Wheeler, announced in an opinion piece that he will present a plan to the FCC to regulate Internet service providers as public utility carriers. Consumer advocates h...
by Adriana Maestas


Congress Moving Toward Action on Net Neutrality

In less than one week the Federal Communications Commission is expected to release its new net neutrality rules.  Over the past year, yet another round of protracted and contentious debate has unfolded around the best means to...
by Kristal High


NYC To Turn Some Of Its 12,000 Phone Booths Into Free Wifi Spots

Closing the Digital Divide with Public Wi-Fi

Public wi-fi access points are critical to closing the digital divide.
by Politic365 Staff


What Tech Can Learn from Telecom

Tech companies must take a beat from telecom and plan for the longevity of diverse employees.
by Kristal High


One-Size-Fits-All Internet Leaves America’s Poor In the Digital Dark Ages

In a tiered pricing world you only pay for the services you need.
by E.R. Barnette



Telemedicine Stagnant Amidst Red Tape and Impending Net Neutrality Decisions

Telemedicine is still not an option for most Americans.
by Kristal High


Energy Star 3.0: Powering Our Lives More Efficiently

For many Americans our electricity bill is still seen as the bill we pay to keep the lights on and the heat/air running; but if we stop to think about how we really use energy on a day-to-day basis, a bigger portion of our ener...
by Kristal High