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FPL Proposes Community Investment to Spur Solar Build Out

In a new pilot program by Florida Power & Light, consumers have a unique opportunity to support the build out of solar energy in their communities by paying an additional $9.00 per month to underwrite the costs of building ...
by Malik Shareef


California quakes put the focus on fracking

This month California was hit with two moderate sized earthquakes. On March 17 in West Los Angeles, a 4.4 quake hit, and then in La Habra, a 5.1 quake hit on March 28. Seismic activity is nothing new in California, which is hom...
by Adriana Maestas


New Nuclear Reactor Underway, Thanks to Southern Company & Obama Administration

More than thirty years have passed since America built any new nuclear reactors. Now, that’s all about to change. Mindful of the growing importance of nuclear energy to a sustainable clean energy future, the Obama Administrat...
by Kristal High



Kirk as CASEnergy Co-Chair Reflects Inclusivity, Opportunities of Nuclear Sector

CASEnergy Coalition tapped former U.S .Trade Ambassador and one-time Mayor of Dallas, Texas Ron Kirk to Co-Chair the effort alongside former EPA Administrator, Christine Todd Whitman. Kirk, who is no stranger to innovative sust...
by Kristal High

keystone protest

State Dept releases report on Keystone XL pipeline project

Today the State Department released an environmental impact report on the Keystone XL pipeline project that shows the pipeline from the Canadian border to Nebraska would not significantly increase greenhouse gas emissions. You ...
by Adriana Maestas

Rooftop solar edison

Environmentalists & Latinos Rally Outside of SoCal Edison for Attacks on Solar Energy Efforts

On Wednesday, a group of Latino and environmental groups held a rally outside of the Southern California Edison headquarters in Rosemead. Presente.org, the Chicano Indigenous Community for Culturally Conscious Advocacy and Acti...
by Adriana Maestas



Net-Energy Metering: Who Really Benefits

Net-energy metering is a system designed to allow customers to receive kilowatt-hour and/or financial credits for energy they generate (via rooftop solar systems, for example) in excess of their immediate use. Typically, these ...
by Kristal High

France, Rhone, Tricastin Nuclear Power plant, sunflowers in foreground

New Career Path for Latinos: Nuclear Energy

Latinos will dominate the U.S. labor force of the future, but the time to decide what type of workers they want to be is now. Choosing the right job or career path today is essential to increasing their chances for economic and...