Net Metering and Its Potential Impact on Low-Income Consumers

This article originally appeared on the Atlanta Black Star on July 2, 2014. Paul Krugman, in a recent New York Times Op-Ed titled The Big Green Test Conservatives and Climate Change, argued that “emissions taxes are th...
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Solar Bill is Bright Spot for Legislature

This article originally appeared on TheTandD.com. By GILDA COBB-HUNTER As state legislators, we are elected to uphold the public trust and do what is right for our communities. My colleagues and I in the South Carolina state Le...
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Exploring the Nuclear Option in the Wake of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan

The Environmental Protection Agency recently cracked down on carbon-pollution emission standards by releasing a Clean Power Plan that aims to cut carbon pollution by 30 percent above 2005 levels by 2030.  In view of this goa...
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Privileged Professor Demonstrates the Flip Side of Solar Net Metering

A recent article by South Miami Florida Mayor Philip Stoddard gets to the heart of the solar energy debate currently sweeping the country. The issue is not whether we want to or should encourage the increased use of renewable e...
by Kristal High


Florida NAACP: Elevating Energy Engagement as a Civil Rights Issue

Citing health disparities and economic opportunity as primary motivators, the Florida NAACP released a new report, Just Energy Policies: Reducing Pollution and Creating Jobs, that sets forth an agenda for increasing energy affo...
by Jessica Washington


Moratorium on fracking fails in California legislature, despite public opposition

On Wednesday, a bill to set a moratorium on fracking (an oil drilling technique that involves injecting water with chemicals into the ground) failed in the California Senate. According to The Los Angeles Times: “Sen. Holl...
by Adriana Maestas



Black Leaders Key to Passage of South Carolina Solar Legislation

In South Carolina, Black state legislators have been instrumental in passage through both the state House of Representatives and Senate of new legislation enabling The Palmetto State to become a more active participant in the r...
by Jessica Washington


Florida State Study Says Californium May Help Recycle Nuclear Waste

A recent study published by the journal Nature Chemistry reveals that a little-known element on the periodic table may actually help change the structure of radioactive material, reducing its toxicity and making it easier to st...
by Jessica Washington