Religious Freedom Restoration Act: Discriminatory Intent or Market Failure Waiting to Happen?

The progressive branch of the political elite have been spinning the narrative that Indiana’s brazen version of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act is a license for commercial interests to discriminate against certain s...
by Alton Drew


Rev. R.B. Holmes: Standing Ground Against Bad Policy and Moving Black America Forward

Speaking before a standing room only crowd at the National Press Club, the Rev. Dr. R.B. Holmes announced the formation of a 40 member National Pastor’s Task Force to have “Stand Your Ground” laws repealed across the coun...
by Kristal High


Contraception Compromise: When Policy and Personal Overlap

Women’s rights, religious freedoms, and politics intersect constantly, but especially now. The Department of Health and Human Services announced a contraceptive compromise last Friday. The new regulations require that nonprof...
by Imani Jackson



Amidst Violent Deaths, Pastors Struggle to Comfort the Grieving

Some stood with hands raised; others sat with heads bowed; all crying out to God in their own way on behalf of the loved ones of America’s most recent massacre victims. No, this prayer scene was not in Newtown, Conn. It was a...
by Hazel Trice Edney


Changing Nation and Alienation: Is the GOP Dying Out?

What will become of the Grand Ol’ Party? In what some dub a momentary victory, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice withdrew from secretary of state consideration. Rice experienced significant pushback for comments that she made regard...
by Imani Jackson


Game Changers: NAACP Hosts Religious Leaders Summit in Atlanta

From the NAACP: The NAACP started a three-day National Religious Leaders Summit yesterday in Atlanta, Georgia, to help move the faith community back to its long-held leadership role in matters of social justice. “The religiou...
by Politic365 Staff



‘Blasphemy’ Criminalized Around the World

Religious and spiritual practices are evolving in the United States and abroad. Yet as beliefs and practices change, many nations continue to criminalize anti-religious behavior, according to the Pew Forum on Religion & Pub...
by Imani Jackson


Watts Church Is a Beacon of Political Light

“The Black Church always provided the agenda & held the politicians accountable,” tweeted Reverend Shane B. Scott. Scott, lead pastor at Macedonia Baptist Church in the Watts community of Los Angeles, was referencing th...
by E.R. Barnette