Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Retransmission Consent a Pressing Issue for Minority Broadcasters

CBS Corporation has joined the ranks of broadcast networks seeking higher retransmission consent fees from cable operators.

Communications Giants Collaborate to Preserve An Open Internet

Google and Verizon Monday announced their joint proposal “to preserve the open Internet and the vibrant and innovative markets it supports, to protect consumers, and to promote continued investment in broadband access.”

Rev. Jackson Paving the Way with New Vision, Insights

In part two of our interview with Rev. Jesse Jackson, we had the opportunity to gain insight into his perspective on current affairs and what we need to be doing differently.

Rev. Jesse Jackson Speaks on His Vision for the Future, Ways...

In a recent interview with Rev. Jesse Jackson, we had the opportunity to talk about his views on current events and the areas in which we need to improve our country's welfare.

From Advocate To Incubator: Minority Media And Telecom Council’s New...

During its Eighth Annual Access to Capital Conference in Washington, DC, the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council announced the formation of MMTC Broadcasting LLC.

Comcast/NBCU Merger: New Opportunity for Communities of Color?

The prospect of new opportunities for minority media companies, entrepreneurs and professionals is looming on the horizon in the wake of a Congressional hearing in Chicago, IL regarding the proposed merger of Comcast and NBC Universal.

Intergrating the Internet into Government & Governance

As the country revels at the release of the FCC’s National Broadband Plan, many note that getting government- local, state and federal – involved...

Spotlight: Marcus Sebastian Mason – The Madison Group

Marcus Sebastian Mason is Senior Partner at The Madison Group (TMG). He is responsible for managing the firm’s transportation, energy, tax, telecom and homeland...

Net Neutrality 101 for Communities of Color

The View from Navarrow Wright, Co-founder, Global Grind Hey James - let me start by saying I am a true fan of Color of Change...