Saturday, April 21, 2018
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Obama Touts Education As Key to Success

President Barack Obama today delivered a back to school address at Julia R. Masterman Laboratory and Demonstration School in Philadelphia, PA.

Broadband Expansion Efforts Persist Nationwide

Yesterday, Agricultural Secretary Tom Vilsack announced an additional $518 million in new broadband grants.

Obama Sees Window of Opportunity for Middle East

On the heels of a major speech in Iraq, and the transfer of power from U.S. Military forces back to the Iraqi government, the Obama Administration is looking toward a new “window of opportunity” to broker peace in the Middle East, beginning with Israel and Palestine.

Obama Working Toward Jobs, Economic Growth

In a speech delivered Monday in the Presidential Rose Garden, Obama emphasized that he and his economic team are "focused, every single day, on pushing this economy forward, repairing the damage that's been done to the middle class over the past decade, and promoting the growth we need to get our people back to work."

Can Policymakers Help Rebuild the Black Family?

Despite the attainment of certain trappings of socio-economic success, and the political and cultural victory we felt with the election of Barack Hussein Obama as the nation's 44th President, the Black Family is in disrepair and needs some fixing.

Congressman Edolphus Towns: ‘Employment Zone’ Key for Jobs

In an exclusive interview with Politic365, Congressman Edolphus "Ed" Towns (D-NY) gave us a first-hand look at his solution for job growth and economic...

Broadband: A Down Payment on the U.S. Competitive Position

Commenting on the importance of investment in innovation, Biden claimed a limited role for the federal government in "provid[ing] the seeds," but noted, "it's the private sector that's going to make them grow. That's why we're investing so much in broadband."

90 Years Hence: Honoring the Women’s Suffrage Movement

Ninety years ago, the political and social life of this country forever changed when the ratification of the 19th Amendment imbued women with the right to vote.

Healthy for Life: Reshaping America, One Child At A Time

The Healthy for Life program, which was initiated in response to First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move Campaign, focuses on developing an improved culture around nutrition and healthy lifestyles to help reduce and reverse incidents of childhood obesity.

City of Charlotte Awarded $17 Million Broadband Grant

Glib indicators aside, there is hope for America's broadband future, as demonstrated by the recent award of $17 million to Charlotte, North Carolina for the creation of a wireless broadband network for emergency responders.