Friday, February 23, 2018
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Kellep Charles is completing his Doctorate in Information Assurance at Capitol College. He covers information security, privacy and safety issues for (@securityorb). Follow Kellep on Twitter at @kellepc. His e-mail address is kellep [at] securityorb [dot] com.

Summary of President Obama’s NSA Surveillance Reform Address

President Obama's speech left privacy advocates unsatisfied because they feel he did not go far enough to restrain government prying, while the Intelligence Community would have preferred not to see any changes, as they are tasked with protecting our National security.

Malware Monday: 60,000 DNSChanger Victims Could Go Offline

--> Check your computer go to Green is OK. Red is not. For thousands of computer users, the Internet will end on Monday July 9th due a...

The End of “Bill Shock”

CTIA and the FCC are set to eliminate overages on our cell phone bills as we know it.

Cyber-Terrorism Now Biggest Security Concern, Study Finds

At a recent speaking event, Janet Napolitano, the secretary of homeland security stated, “The U.S. has become 'categorically safer' since 9/11, but cyber-terrorism now...

Homeland Security Warns Hacking Group Plans Attacks and Protests

Cyber-hacking groups have gotten the attention of the Department of Homeland Security, which recently issued a warning about potential cyber-attacks and civil protests from...

CBC Foundation’s Conference Will Focus on Technology Jobs

Several of the nation's leading entrepreneurs and venture capitalists and members of the African American technology community will gather September 23 in Washington for...

President Barack Obama Check-Ins to Foursquare

President Barack Obama is the newest member to the social networking service known as “Foursquare.” Foursquare is a mobile service that allows users to share...

U.S. Government Offers Assistance to Lockheed Martin After Security Breach

News on Twitter buzzed recently as security professionals and hackers alike shared information pertaining to a network breach of top U.S. weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin

PBS Website Claiming Rapper Tupac Shakur is Alive and Living in...

A Hacker group known as The Lulz Boat hacked the PBS website on Sunday and posted a false story claiming the rapper Tupac Shakur who has been dead for 15 years is actually alive and living in New Zealand.

Hacking Attack Triggers Call for Gmail Users to Take Steps

Google's discovery Wednesday that Chinese hackers tried to steal the passwords of senior U.S. government officials as well as South Korean officials, Chinese activists...