Monday, February 19, 2018
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Joseph Miller

Joseph Miller
Joseph Miller, Esq. is Deputy Director and Senior Policy Director of the Media and Technology Institute at the Joint Center for Political Studies.

ESPN, Freedom of Speech and Race

Righteous indignation over the First Amendment after ESPN suspension and firing.

Who Gets Online Sales Tax Revenue?

Congress should consider how states allocate sales tax revenues.

Can Community Colleges Change the Way We Think About Talent?

Believe it or not, some high school graduates not bound for four-year colleges still want to pursue higher education.  But, our system of higher...

“Progressives?” Or Just Race Baiting the Digital Divide?

“One of the surest signs of the Philistine is his reverence for the superior tastes of those who put him down.” --Pauline Kael What is to...

Jazz Has Endured – But, Can Public Media Do the Same?

The FCC’s media ownership rules have never resulted in commercial programming that fully reflects local communities.  Local newscasts make up only a small portion...

Wireless Taxes: Why You Don’t Have $10 for Lunch Today

"This tax, that tax.  What do they all mean?  Well, I guess I have to pay them if I want to keep this phone."...

STEM: What the Old Geeks’ Network Doesn’t Want You to Know

Keeping students of color science, tech, engineering and math deficient is only making a bad situation head for worse

Creating Black and Latino Innovators — STEM Education, But Not Just

“There can be no understanding between the hand and the brain unless the heart acts as mediator.” — Maria, from the film “Metropolis” (1927) “Do what...

This is Inner City … But What is the Broadcaster’s Future?

“ he market shapes programming to a tremendous extent. Members of minority groups who own licenses might be thought, like other owners, to seek...

What Happens When You Offend the Wrong People

It took a hacking scandal across the pond for the U.S. government to investigate News Corporation—a company that has repeatedly skirted past U.S. media ownership rules and unapologetically fueled hatred against every person of color under the sun.