Saturday, March 24, 2018
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John Wilson

John Wilson
John Wilson frequently writes about health policy, politics, and entrepreneurship. He contributes to the Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, Mediaite, and the Loop 21. You may reach him on twitter @johnwilson.

Tonight: Will Bill Clinton Go Negative?

As Mediaite reports that former President Bill Clinton's speech has not yet been vetted by the Obama campaign, some wonder what tone he might take.  The...

Dharun Ravi Doesn’t Deserve More than 30 Days

There’s little doubt that Ravi is guilty of the crimes he was charged with - but, should he have gotten jail time for them?

How the Tech Sector Shortchanges Black Folks

African Americans can't count on a White-dominated tech industry to help them succeed

Why Is A Billionaire Paying Your Kids To Drop Out of...

Peter Thiel's experiment is misguided and only focuses on well-to-do kids who can afford it