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Jason Johnson on the Trayvon Martin Case: Covering the Zimmerman Murder Trial

The murder trial of George Zimmerman is almost over as the defense continues to call witnesses.  The trial could go to the jury as early as Wednesday.  Politic365′s Jason Johnson has provided commentary on the story for...
by Jason Johnson


LoLo Jones May Need to Stay Off Twitter

As a general rule, I do not hold most professional athletes accountable for what they post on facebook, twitter or tumbler about larger social events. In fact, I don’t often decry what athletes say in interviews either, they ...
by Jason Johnson


The More Important Question: Which Sponsors are STILL With Paula Deen?

Paula Deen is a perfect case study in how to properly and successfully destroy your brand identity in less than 2 weeks. When celebrities get in trouble for various acts, Tiger Woods, Mel Gibson, and Alec Baldwin for example, t...
by Jason Johnson



The Failure of “White House Down” And Why Action Movies Always Get the President Wrong

I saw White House Down earlier this week in a packed theatre full of people who had won pre-screening tickets from a local hip-hop radio station. The room was so full of excitement and reverence you’d think we were about to s...
by Jason Johnson


Taking A Smoke May Spark Terror

During the lead up to the second war in Iraq Prime Minister Tony Blair made a startling statement to Parliament that was echoed in the United States: Use drugs and support the war on Terror. Blair argued that much of the heroin...
by Jason Johnson


Obama Gives Morehouse Commencement Missed by Too Many Students: And He’s Responsible

President Barack Obama is probably the hardest working president in the history of presidents of the United States. He won the presidency when America was in the midst of the worst financial and foreign policy crisis in about 5...
by Jason Johnson



An Anonymous Conversation about Shonda Rhimes, Race & “Scandal”

Last Sunday, to hype up tonight’s season finale of Scandal the New York Times did a “day in the life” piece about show runner Shonda Rhimes entitled “Network TV is Broken so How does Shonda Rhimes Keep Making Hits?” T...
by Jason Johnson


Charles Ramsey: Dissecting the Life of the Cleveland Savior

If VH1 launched “Behind the Music” in 2013, the docudrama would last about 15 minutes instead of an hour. Social media, multiple digital channels, and local broadcast news integrated seamlessly on-line has boiled the cycle ...
by Jason Johnson


Republicans Expand 2013 College Voter Suppression to Ohio

Nobody likes a sore loser, especially in politics. Usually in the world of campaigns and elections losing is a painful but important opportunity to re-valuate strategy, message, tactics and sometimes do some wholesale policy ch...
by Jason Johnson



Gay Athletes: Jason Collins Won’t Be the Last

It seemed like only a week ago we were all talking about Brittney Griner coming out as a lesbian during the WNBA draft and the lack of fanfare that it created. The reason, (at the time) was because she was a woman, the WNBA isn...
by Jason Johnson


Tim Tebow Released by the Jets and the Obama Era is in Full Swing

This morning Tim Tebow, the most recognizable and polarizing quarterback in the NFL for almost two years, was released by the New York Jets into the cold hard world of unemployed NFL players. The move was not entirely unexpecte...
by Jason Johnson

Brittney Griner

Brittney Griner is Gay – Can The WNBA Finally Move On?

This Wednesday during a press conference the #1 Draft pick in the WNBA, Brittney Griner did the unspeakable. She casually, matter of factly and openly came out as gay in her first press conference as a professional basketball p...
by Jason Johnson



Ronald Reagan was No Margaret Thatcher, and That’s a Good Thing

If there’s one thing you can say about the British for all the stereotypes about their deference and emotional restraint, they have no problem letting is show when they hate someone. While public officials on the right, left ...
by Jason Johnson


Game of Thrones and Walking Dead Highlight CABLE Television’s Transition Night

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away called the 1980s television was simple. You had three networks (eventually four when Fox showed up), and they had basic seasons that started in the fall and ended in the spring. By Apri...
by Jason Johnson


How Alaska Rep Don Young’s “Wetback” Comment Doesn’t Change the GOP

It’s going to take more than a new suit and tie. When it comes to racial issues, the Republican Party reminds me of a guy that has bad breath but insists the reason he can’t get a date is because he needs better clothes...
by Jason Johnson