Monday, April 23, 2018
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Jabulani Leffall

Jabulani Leffall is an award-winning journalist and writer as well as a business consultant. His work has appeared in the Financial Times of London, Dow Jones Marketwatch, The Economist, The Baltimore Sun, Investor's Business Daily, Variety, CFO Magazine and the Los Angeles Daily News among other publications. He is currently contributing editor for Redmond Media and managing editor of iDeal Financial Group.

Obama Mortgage Plan is Now ‘Subprime’

The mortgage situation started out bad for President Obama. Bad timing and bad fortune more than bad judgment of course. This is how the saga...

Wanted: A New, New Deal

If job creation is the true goal of the stimulus or any government programs, then what’s really needed is ideas.

Black Farmers Betting the Farm in a New Era

Was it procedural errors, bureaucratic oversight or one man’s crusade mainly for himself but also for his voiceless ancestors and contemporaries?  Opinions vary but...

AIG Bonuses Flare up in Congress

In the end, the markets, as they should have in the first place may have to decide AIG's fate.

Obama: The Hope Slope

If greed and patience don’t mix then certainly idealism and patience can be equally incompatible. The first assertion is what’s got us in this economic...