Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Holly Cashman

Holly Cashman
I am a sociolinguistic who specializes in Spanish with a particular focus on Spanish in the U.S., bilingualism, queer linguistics and conversation analysis.

Bilingual Education 101

An ongoing backlash against immigrants and bilingual education is about politics, not pedagogy

Cinco de Mayo: Stereotypes and Mock Spanish

Here we go ... again: that time of the year when people make fake Spanish accents

Why Mock Spanish is a Problem

From Cinco de Drinko and other caricatures, mangling Latino culture makes it worse

Mitt Romney Leaves His Spanish Behind … in Florida

Post-Florida, Republicans aren't that crazy about Spanish anymore

Are Accents a Laughing Matter?

What exactly is an accent? In a 1994 paper from the academic journal Language in Society, linguist Rosina Lippi-Green explains that ‘accent’ is not a...

Grading the Candidates’ Stands on “English Only”

Last month, ProEnglish, one of several organizations that advocate English as the official language of the U.S. (English First and U.S. English are others),...