Saturday, November 18, 2017
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E.R. Barnette
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Richard Blanco, Hispanic and Openly Gay, Delivers Inaugural Poem

Cuban-American poet Richard Blanco delivered the inaugural poem at the 57th presidential inauguration on Monday. Blanco is the youngest inaugural poet and the first...

FCC, Past and Present, Take on Telecom Policy Reform, Diversity, Broadband

“I cannot say I’m pleased about the pace of change, but we have..."

LGBT Rights in California: How Radio Host Bill Handel is Changing...

Recently, the nine U.S. Supreme Court justices went behind closed doors to consider California’s Proposition 8 and determine whether gay and lesbian couples have...

Telecom Leaders Discuss Minority Participation in Ownership and Procurement

“Capital is the lifeblood for minority owned companies and is key to getting your foot in the door.” - Ajit Pai

Labor Movement Delivers Florida

Florida has indeed come a long way from the hanging chads of 2000...

Tonight, NBCU, American Red Cross, Celebs Partner for Hurricane Sandy Telethon

The benefit entitled, “Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together”, airs tonight 8-9 pm/ET.

Watts Church Is a Beacon of Political Light

“The Black Church always provided the agenda & held the politicians accountable,” tweeted Reverend Shane B. Scott. Scott, lead pastor at Macedonia Baptist Church in...

Alex Nogales’ Continued Advocacy for American Latino Employment and Programming Equity

Nogales has been tirelessly advocating for American Latino employment and programming equity...

Rosenworcel Backs Quicker Secondary Market Deals to Ease Spectrum Crunch

You have to like Jessica Rosenworcel, the newest Democratic member of the FCC.  Not only does she personally embrace the new technology she’s charged...