Friday, February 23, 2018
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E.R. Barnette

E.R. Barnette
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Alcee Hastings: Protecting Floridians and the Sunshine State

Representing the 23rd district of Florida for the last eighteen years, Hastings has made quite an impact on the people from his district, and all Floridians.

Ed Towns: A Man of the People

In a political environment charged by bias and partisanship, Congressman Towns continues to rise above political gamesmanship to represent all of his constituents.

Boehner Says ‘Take One For The Team’ in Face of More...

Right now, the net is abuzz as folks crowd around office computers, check their Twitter feeds and hit refresh for the latest news.  Fantasy...

NOBEL Women: 223 Black Women Connected

Founded in 1985, the National Organization of Black Elected Legislative Women is leveraging the political capital of its members for the good of their constituents.

Corrine Brown: A Driving Force for Floridians

Elected in 1992, Brown has been pounding the pavement for the people of Florida for 17 years.

Obama Proclaims Christian Faith, Again, at National Prayer Breakfast

President Obama has had to issue statement after statement assuring "God-fearing" Americans that he is, indeed, a Christian.

Senate Vote on Healthcare Repeal Imminent

Senate leaders from both political parties have agreed to hold a vote on legislation repealing President Obama's healthcare overhaul, the Affordable Care Act.

Cuomo’s NY Budget: No New Taxes, but Here Come the Layoffs

The Cuomo budget, which is quite fiscally conservative, could strengthen his position with the Republican-controlled Senate.

Adora Obi Nweze Charts Exciting Path for Florida NAACP in 2011

Politic365 had the opportunity to sit down with Adora Obi Nweze, President of the Florida State Conference of the NAACP to discuss the agenda for 2011 and the challenges they face in the New Year.