Saturday, April 21, 2018
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DeVan Hankerson

DeVan Hankerson is the Research Director at the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council, she also serves as the Co-Chair of Communications Consumers United. She has a masters degree in International Trade Policy with a specialization in Telecommunications and Information Technology Policy from the Monterey Institute of International Studies. DeVan earned her BA from Vassar College in 2006 with a degree in Psychology and Linguistic Anthropology. She is originally from New York City and has intermediate level Arabic language training.

Broadband Everything Panel Highlights Internet Impact on Seniors, STEM & Economic...

photo credit: Level Playing Field Institute The Rainbow PUSH Coalition held its annual Public Policy, Media & Telecom Symposium. This year’s event titled, “The Future...

The Digital Divide: How The Math Works

We’re all aware that the 21st century is the digital century. The development of the e-economy is the most well noted difference between this century...

Wireless Service Taxes Hit D.C., MD the Hardest

Wireless taxes show up as the latest predatory scheme as people of color and low income residents, especially in DC and MD, are hit the hardest.

Black Power, Black Flight and B[l]ackwards Migration

Black Power may be defined as much by location and coalition-building than simply defining political reality based on color.

Clean Energy Investment Lays Groundwork for Green Jobs

Vice President Joe Biden recently announced that five recipients of ARPA-E seed funding now have $100 million in outside private capital investment funding. ARPA-E is the Department...