Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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Dante Perez

Dante Pérez is an international relations major interested in policy analysis and advocacy, currently living in Washington D.C.

Abigail Fisher: The Girl Who May Kill Affirmative Action

This essay was first published by Politic365 in July 2012 This week, the Supreme Court is scheduled to rule on Fisher vs. University of Texas, a...

Scott Brown Independent? Massachusetts Hispanics Not So Sure

As the most expensive senate race in the history of Massachusetts draws to a close in early November, candidates Elizabeth Warren (D) and Scott...

NRA Should Embrace Gun Control or Accept Complicity in Aurora

As new details surface about the mental health of Aurora shooting suspect James Holmes, pro-gun groups attempt to reconcile their support of lax gun laws and...

India to U.S.: Why Spend $6 Billion to Elect a Government?

As reported last week, Romney and the Republican National Committee have outperformed the Obama fundraising machine - for the second month in a row....

SCOTUS and Abigail Fisher: The Girl Who May Kill Affirmative Action

From immigration to healthcare, the United States Supreme court ended its Spring term with major rulings. The Court upheld both a key component of...

Republicans Should Embrace Immigrants as Their Own

While the conservative response to Obama’s announcement of relief for the children of immigrants was not surprising, it does underline the Republican refusal to...

Is an American Dream Worth a Student Loan?

Left out of the student loan debate is the problem of minority student loan debt

Hey America: Mexico Has Better Policy Debates Than You Do

In the U.S., our policy discourse has devolved into making pizza a vegetable as a way to solve obesity

When the Rich Justify Income Inequality

Obscenely rich White guys getting a kick out of blaming poverty on the poor

Why this Mexican Boycotted Cinco de Mayo

By now the hangovers have subsided, but I don't care: sorry to burst your bubble full of prejudice.