Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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Charles Ellison

Charles D. Ellison, Managing Editor for, Washington Correspondent for The Philadelphia Tribune and a weekly political analyst providing insight on WDAS-FM (Philadelphia), WVON-AM (Chicago) and KSRO-AM (Sonoma County, CA). He is author of the critically-acclaimed urban political thriller TANTRUM. More information can be found at

CNN’s Stupid Eric Holder Poll

When credible pollsters ask questions and sample polls that lack credibility

#CrisisInChicago: Chicago’s End of Days – And the End of Black...

There's a vacuum of selective ignorance surrounding Windy City's homicide problem

Higgs boson For Dummies – Literally

Good luck getting a nation that ranks near last in math and science to care

Are the Polls Counting Black and Brown?

Shaky methodology and cell phones open up uncomfortable questions for pollsters

From Healthcare to Student Loans, the Cost of Forgetting the Cost

Washington is full of missing the point

John Roberts: It Feels Good 2 Be a Gangsta

Let's stop acting like the Supreme Court doesn't read polls, too

Hey! Everybody Loves Charlie

Make it about the district and not the Everybody Loves (name here) guy or gal you’re trying to unseat

Healthcare Reform Ruling Could Be Obama’s Lolo Jones

We could be in for another hot summer of health care battles - which could be good for the President

You Mean This Fast and Furious?

Why is Congress concerned about a movie?

Let the 2012 “Ethnic” Games Begin

It's not that Romney is racist or Obama hates White dudes - it's just that both will do whatever it takes to win