Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Charles Ellison

Charles D. Ellison, Managing Editor for, Washington Correspondent for The Philadelphia Tribune and a weekly political analyst providing insight on WDAS-FM (Philadelphia), WVON-AM (Chicago) and KSRO-AM (Sonoma County, CA). He is author of the critically-acclaimed urban political thriller TANTRUM. More information can be found at

The GOP’s Got Polish Jokes

Why go to Poland, of all places? Polish and Jewish Americans can tell you about it

Mitt Romney’s Very White World Tour

Romney makes a sloppy attempt at bringing back the Old World Order

Voter Suppression: Why Are We Acting New?

The voter ID debate acts as if this is all new - and that we don't need a bigger fix

How Chick-Fil-A Will Bring Black People In It

The original chicken sandwich will find a way to bring race into the fray

What Happened to the Education Conversation?

Let us know when you hear an education debate taking place on the campaign trail

What Housing Recovery?

Some experts are talking of a housing recovery, but that's not the case for most African Americans

Does Lord Romney of Bain Really Work?

We don't hate rich people - just the fact that we're not. Is that a good campaign slogan?

Penn State and Colorado: Can’t Handle the Truth

What should kick off needed policy discussions fade away into the next tragedy

NAACP vs. National Urban League: What’s the Difference?

What makes the National Urban League better than the NAACP? Ask the President

Mitt Romney: Racial Folk Hero

Guess who really got clowned at the NAACP convention this week