Monday, February 19, 2018
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Britton Loftin

Britton Loftin is a Political Strategist and Director of a Legislative & Government Affairs firm.

Is Obama To Blame for Decline In Supreme Court Approval Ratings?

A partisanship prevails, it seems that approval of the Supreme Court's job performance could be impacted more by politics than the policies that body creates.

CBC Political Action Committee: States Should follow Suit

The CBC provides a prime template for increasing the number of African Americans, and those supporting the interests of minority communities, in state legislatures.

Charter Schools: The Catalyst for Change?

Many charter schools have become fierce advocates for change. Change teachers. Change Principals. Change governing bodies.

Artur Davis: Congressman, Gubernatorial Candidate, Attorney

After seven years in Congress and run for Governor, Artur Davis is left to pursue new career opportunities.

Predatory Lending: Targeting Minority Neighborhoods

Lenders coerce and persuade targeted minorities to agree to unfair loan conditions.

“Republicrats”- Party Identification Challenging for Conservative Democrats

As midterm elections approach, Conservative Democrats are left to find their place within the party.

California: Legalize Marijuana or Criminalize Minorities?

The citizens of California will elect their statewide officers and decide whether it will legalize Marijuana for personal use or maintain its current status of medicinal use only.

Organizing for America: Dems Looking to Mobilize Base for Midterms

Organizing for America is the modern vehicle of the Democratic Party to connect with its base and mobilize voters.