Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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Britton Loftin

Britton Loftin is a Political Strategist and Director of a Legislative & Government Affairs firm.

Mississippi’s Black Leadership Absent on Voter ID

The long battle by the political right to place a burden on the voting rights of Blacks in Mississippi passed by a significant margin as a ballot initiative in the November 8, 2011 statewide elections. It is such a shame that bigotry prevails when men of good will do nothing!

Eric Holder: The Only Steadfast Attorney General in Recent History

Calls for the resignation of Attorney General Eric Holder by Congressional Republicans and the National Rifle Association bring back memories of the numerous resignations during the period immediately pre-President Barack Obama and the failure of Congress to renew the assault weapons ban in 1994.

Republican Alternatives? WashPo Putting in the FIX.

The Washington Post seems as fixated on President Obama's demise as Republicans are.

Obama and Perry Not Far Apart … in Debates

Despite what some might not believe Texas Governor Rick Perry and President Barack Obama have one certain thing in common: lack luster campaign deliveries.

GOP Pres. Candidates and Their Supporters, Who Owns Who?

Of the major candidates for the GOP Presidential nomination which one is more likely to be owned by big money and corporations? A major piece of the Presidential campaign is the role that corporations will play in the next year's general election for the nation’s top job.

Herman Cain’s Repeat Performance — He Gives Proposals, Others Posture

Cain solidly outperforms his opponents every time. Last night’s CNN Tea Party debate was a prime example of how "hype" can let you down. Front runner Texas Governor Rick Perry performed poorly during last night’s CNN Tea Party Debate.

Herman Cain Offers his ‘9-9-9’ Tax Plan in GOP Presidential Debate

Herman Cain was sharp in the Wednesday night’s Republican Presidential debate at the Reagan Library. Though the fight was clearly between Romney and Perry, Cain’s performance was excellent.

Will Obama Do More With a Second Term?

A prevailing thought about Obama’s possible second term continues to hold. Will Obama accomplish more for minorities if he wins a second term?

Obama Allows DHS to Use Discretion on Low-Priority Immigration Cases

President Obama has a fresh approach to the nation’s immigration woes. Thursday, August 18th, the Obama administration announced that it would use ‘prosecutorial discretion’ as it sought through the 300,000 deportation cases related to illegal immigration. Celebration broke out among students and workers here illegally while the implementation of this policy has just begun.

Maxine Waters: “Tea Party Can Go to Hell”

She insisted that the political climate, in which the Tea Party and other conservative extremist are wielding quite a lot of power, is “not a game for the weak”.