Monday, April 23, 2018
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Can “White Space” Help Ease the Digital Divide?

Lost in the Federal Communications Commission’s recent notice of inquiry into the application of net neutrality rules to mobile wireless networks and specialized or managed networks is the FCC’s expected discussion on September 23rd of rules that would provide wireless Internet access providers with access to white space.

Why is African American Unemployment Increasing?

The U.S. Labor Department reported on Friday that unemployment for African Americans increased to 16.3% in August 2010 from 15.6% in July 2010. The percentage point increase was greater than it was for Whites and Hispanics.

Treasury Department Wants to Increase Minority Access to Banking Services

The U.S. Treasury Department yesterday announced a program designed to give unbanked and under banked Americans access to banking services.

FCC Seeks Further Clarification for Internet Regulations

The Federal Communications Commission yesterday issued a request for additional comments in its rulemaking proceeding on the open network, better known as net neutrality.

Time For A Restructured FCC? Freedom of Consumer Choice Act Says...

Over the past three months, there have been calls for the Federal Communications Commission ("FCC") to take on a streamlined role in telecommunications regulation.

Bernanke: Central Bankers Cannot Do It Alone

Ben S. Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, acknowledged that central banks cannot resolve the issues of slow growth, unemployment, and deficits on their own.

Obama Administration Releases Mixed Mortgage Modifications Report Card

The United States Department of the Treasury along with the United States Department on Housing and Urban Development released last Friday a mixed assessment...

FCC Commissioner Clyburn Wants Wireless and Wire Networks Treated Equally

Federal Communications Commission member Mignon Clyburn has taken an apparent swipe at a net neutrality position held jointly by Verizon and Google. Verizon...

Free Press: Organization is Taking Desperate Measures

During the Democratic primary, when faced with comical accusations, President Obama was known for saying on the campaign trail: it’s political “silly season.” It...

Geithner Pushes Reform of Housing Finance

In his opening remarks yesterday at the Conference on the Future of Housing Finance, U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner laid out four policy...